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Gas & Wood Burning Freestanding Stoves In Buffalo NY

Buffalo's best selection of attractive and energy-efficient freestanding gas and wood stoves keeps your home warm while lowering energy costs.

Freestanding Gas & Wood Stoves

Visit the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop for the best selection of modern, energy-efficient gas and wood-burning stoves. Our expansive showroom at 2727 Broadway, Suite 5 in Cheektowaga, NY, is convenient from downtown Buffalo, Bergholtz, Eggertsville, Sloan, West Seneca, and communities throughout Erie County, NY. Call (716) 907-4914 to schedule an appointment today!

freestanding gas stove install in Buffalo NYWhy Are Heating Stoves Popular?

With utility rates soaring, many homeowners in the Buffalo, NY, area pay over $300 per month for electric heat in the winter. As a result, wood and gas-burning stoves are an attractive and affordable option that can substantially take a bite out of high energy costs.

Since getting the right stove size for your living space is essential, the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop offers a large selection of elegant gas and wood-burning stoves in various sizes to provide ample and low-cost heat for your home. They also have a built-in vent pipe. This allows installation in practically any room in the house, like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even some bathrooms. Installing two or more stoves will enable you to save money with zone heating. They are not only visually appealing but also simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Gas Burning Stoves

With heating efficiencies of up to 75% or higher, a gas stove has the power to keep your home warm and cozy day and night. Some models feature a blower motor that radiates heat throughout the space. Also, it is a lower-cost alternative when compared to other sources such as an electric or oil furnace.

  • Easy Operation: Operating a gas stove is as simple as flipping a switch or pushing a button on the remote control. A built-in thermostat lets you set the temperature, and it will automatically maintain your desired level of comfort.
  • Elegant Styles: Freestanding gas stoves are available in many different attractive sizes, finishes, and designs to give you the traditional, contemporary, or trendy appearance you desire.
  • Direct Venting: Since gas stoves use a vent pipe, there is no need for a chimney. This gives you the flexibility to install a stove in practically any room in the house. Just think how much money you will save when you can heat just the occupied rooms instead of the whole home at the same time.
  • Less Maintenance: Gas stoves burn cleaner than wood or oil, requiring less cleaning and maintenance. A simple wiping away of accumulated dust particles and an annual safety inspection will keep your gas stove in top condition.

new wood burning stove in Buffalo NYWood Burning Stoves

Modern wood stoves have elegant fires that produce three times more heat output than a conventional masonry fireplace, with one-third of the wood fuel with a fraction of the emissions. A wood stove has up to 80% heating efficiency compared to 15% for a masonry fireplace. That means most wood fuel is consumed as heat instead of being lost through the chimney.

  • Renewable, sustainable energy source: Wood is a natural, renewable fuel source that releases no more environmental emissions than a naturally decomposing tree.
  • Lower energy costs: Using wood fuel for home heating is significantly less costly than electricity, oil, gas, and coal for the same level of BTU output.
  • Provides heat during a power outage: Since a wood-burning stove doesn’t require electricity to operate, your family will stay warm during a power outage.
  • Designs for every lifestyle: The Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Buffalo has a large inventory of attractive wood-burning stoves that will compliment your lifestyle and budget.

Heating Stove Installations in Buffalo

Our licensed, NFI-Certified technicians provide safe, efficient, and reliable stove, insert & gas log installations in Amherst, NY, Brighton, NY, Nashville, NY, North Buffalo, NY, Willow Ridge Estates, NY, and throughout the Greater Buffalo region.

Visit the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop at 2727 Broadway, Suite 5 in Cheektowaga, NY, for your gas and wood-burning appliance and fireplace needs. Our trained and National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified experts are here to help you select the right products for your home and budget. You can also call us at (716) 907-4914 or visit us HERE to schedule an appointment today!