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Leaky Chimney Repairs

Our Trained Chimney Sweeps are Experts at Fixing Chimney Leaks

A leaky chimney is no fun to live with, and it might lead to severe water and fire damage throughout your chimney system. If your chimney is leaking, call the experts at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney for fast service in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Pittsford NY, Cheektowaga NY, Irondequoit NY, Henrietta NY, Gates NY, Chili NY, and other Western New York communities.

Leaky Chimney Repair in Pittsford NY Do You Have a Leaky Chimney?

Chimney leaks are not only annoying, they also can point to very serious damage within the chimney system and therefore need immediate attention.

There are several common signs of a leaky chimney:

  • Water dripping into the firebox
  • Damp patches on interior walls and the ceiling adjacent to the chimney
  • Rusted Chimney Chase Cover
  • A musty smell coming from the fireplace or the attic
  • White staining (efflorescence) on exterior chimney masonry
  • A rusty damper that won’t open/close effectively

Where Do Chimney Leaks Originate?

Your chimney masonry and its components function in a way that allows your fireplace to operate safely and efficiently. They also work together to keep water out of the system. A leaky chimney means there is a compromise somewhere within the chimney. Here are a few common problems that lead to chimney leaks.

Masonry deterioration: Age, weather events and general house-settling can cause the mortar between the chimney bricks to crack and decay. When this happens, water can seep in and lead to further damage as it freezes and expands. Bricks also can become compromised over the years and begin to crumble, allowing more water into the system.

Faulty flashing: Chimney flashing is the strip of material that seals the gap between the exterior chimney and the roof. When flashing is warped, rusted or deteriorated, water can easily run into vulnerable areas of the home and destroy walls, ceilings, insulation and other materials. Flashing can decay with age, and there also can be problems if it wasn’t installed correctly to begin with.

Issues with the chimney cap or chimney chase cover: Chimney caps and chimney chase covers (the latter usually found on factory-built chimneys) add a layer of protection at the top of your chimney to prevent water and snow from entering the flue. When caps or covers are damaged, even a very small gap can be enough to allow moisture into the system and begin causing damage to bricks, mortar, the chimney liner and adjacent materials of your home.

Cracks in the chimney crown: The cement chimney crown is built at the top opening of your chimney and is designed to keep water out of the flue and away from the masonry beneath the crown. Weather events, house-settling and old age are three common reasons that crowns become cracked. Once damage begins in a chimney crown, it won’t reverse itself on its own; rather, it will continue until widespread damage exists in many areas within the chimney and fireplace system.

Chimney Crown Repair in Pittsford, NY

How to Fix a Leaky Chimney

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has been repairing chimney leaks in the Western New York region since 1953. Our technicians are experts at finding leaks and performing the specific tasks required to restore soundness to your chimney.

Among the services we provide for customers with chimney leak issues are:

  • Mortar joint tuckpointing
  • Chimney crown rebuilding
  • Chimney waterproofing
  • Brick repair and masonry work
  • Chimney cap/chase cover repair and installation
  • Installation of a “cricket” to keep rain water and snow away from the chimney

Your leaky chimney doesn’t have to turn into serious trouble. Call our chimney experts for a professional chimney inspection and skilled chimney leak repair. We serve customers in the Buffalo NY and Rochester NY regions including the North Buffalo neighborhood, the Central Park neighborhood and all other local communities.

Call us at (716) 907-4914 in the Buffalo area or at (585) 308-4914 in and around Rochester.