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Masonry Repair For Your Entire Home

The charming brick homes of the Greater Buffalo and Rochester regions are a testament to Western New York’s rich history and architectural heritage. However, even the most well-maintained structures will require repair. Over the years, the mortar joints between bricks can deteriorate due to extreme temperature fluctuations, freeze-thaw cycles, and water damage.  

Masonry repairs in Rochester and Buffalo, NYFelgemacher Masonry’s whole home tuckpointing, repointing, and masonry repair services can help prevent severe structural issues such as cracks, spalling (flaking bricks), and efflorescence (white, powdery deposits). Timeliness is the key to ensuring that these issues do not worsen overtime.

Maintaining Your Home’s Structural Integrity with Tuckpointing

Think of tuckpointing as a facelift for your brick walls and steps. Our skilled masons remove deteriorated mortar joints, clean the surrounding areas, and reapply fresh mortar.

This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home with clean lines between the bricks that give it a like-new appearance but also strengthens the structure by preventing water infiltration and ensuring proper load distribution.

Commons Signs Your Home Needs Masonry Repair:

  • Cracks: Look for hairline cracks in the mortar joints. Extensive cracking can indicate deeper structural issues, including water intrusion, which requires professional attention.
  • Spalling: When the mortar crumbles and flakes away, exposing the underlying surface, it’s called spalling. It is a clear sign of water damage and requires immediate repair to prevent further damage, including a structural collapse.
  • Efflorescence: This white, powdery residue on the brick surface is caused by water penetrating deep inside the brick material, carrying salt deposits to the surface. While not inherently harmful, it is often the first sign of masonry damage.

Brick Step Repair

Crumbling or uneven steps can pose a safety hazard. Felgemacher’s skilled masons can repair or rebuild steps using durable materials for long-lasting results. We can also install or perform a relay stone stair repair to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Learn more.

Brick Window Lintel Repair

Cracked or damaged brickwork around windows can compromise their energy efficiency, increasing heating and cooling costs. Repairing the surrounding masonry ensures proper window function and helps prevent drafts. Learn more.

Soldier Course Replacement Window

These windows are designed for older or historic brick homes with a soldier course – a row of bricks placed vertically above the window opening. Soldier Course Replacements requires a masonry professional with specific knowledge and skill to maintain the architectural integrity of older and historic residences. Learn more.

Masonry Wall Repair 

Cracks or bulges in masonry walls can indicate foundation problems and require immediate professional assessment. However, we can often repair minor cracks with tuckpointing. Learn more.

Brick Garage Lintel Repair

Brick Window Repair in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

The lintel is the horizontal beam above the garage door. It is crucial for supporting the structure’s weight load. When cracked or damaged, it can compromise the garage’s structural integrity, leading to its collapse and extensive damage to your home. Learn more.

Our team of the area’s most experienced masonry professionals is dedicated to helping homeowners throughout the region maintain their beautiful brick homes’ longevity, beauty, and structural integrity, preserving their value and charm for generations to come.

Whole Home Masonry Repair – Walls, Steps, Windows, Garage

We’re in your neighborhood. Serving Buffalo and Rochester, NY, our trained and certified brick and stone masonry professionals serve a wide area of Northwest New York, including Depew, Lackawanna, Niagara Falls, and Spencerport.