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Wood Burning Stoves

Wood-Burning Stove Installations & Sales

Modern wood stoves fill homes with tradition and ambience. If you’re looking to add more heat to your living spaces, visit the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop showroom in Buffalo NY today. We serve customers in Rochester NY, Cheektowaga NY, Webster NY, Hamburg NY, Pittsford NY, Amherst NY, and all other local communities.

wood burning stove for sale in Buffalo NY

Why a Wood Stove?

For many people, there’s simply nothing better than a roaring, crackling wood fire on a cold winter’s night. Wood brings a certain mystique and traditional nostalgia that can’t be duplicated by any other style of heating. If this sounds like what you’re after, check out some of the many benefits of a new wood-burning heating stove.

Elegant Designs

Leading manufacturer, Pacific Energy builds gorgeous free-standing wood stoves that will compliment any home’s décor. Choose from many sizes, finishes, shapes and design styles to perfectly accent your room.

Powerful Heat

Unlike old-fashioned wood-burning masonry fireplaces, modern wood stoves produce high levels of heat. These appliances often carry heat-efficiency ratings of 75% to 80% and even higher.

This rating tells how much of the stove’s heat will be retained and used for heat within your home. Wood stoves send off four or five times as much heat as masonry fireplaces.

No Chimney Required

Can you burn wood without a chimney? You can with modern wood stoves. A special vent pipe is part of the system, so you won’t have to go to the trouble and expense of constructing a chimney. Easy venting means easy installation virtually anywhere in the room.

Zone-Heating Capabilities

Because of the simple vent system with free-standing wood stoves, you can use them as zone-heating appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms or other rooms and cut down on your utility bills.

wood stove install in Rochester NYGreat Firebox View

There are some differences between wood stoves and wood fireplaces, but one thing that’s the same is the amazing firebox view. For many people, nothing can beat the sight of leaping flames, the sound of crackling logs and the gentle aroma of real burning wood. That’s exactly what you get with a lovely wood stove.

Wood Stove Installations

Select your new stove from our showroom, and then arrange professional installation from the certified technicians in our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney. The experts who perform your installation are certified through the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which means the job will be done correctly and safely.

Along with installation services, Felgemacher offers:

  • Wood stove vent cleaning
  • Certified chimney sweep services
  • Stove, fireplace and chimney inspection
  • Heating appliance repair
  • Chimney repair, chimney rebuilding

and many other services.

When it’s time to bring home a powerful new wood heating stove, visit us first. Felgemacher Fireplace Shop is located at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga NY. Reach us by phone at (716) 482-1820. We serve all Buffalo and Rochester NY neighborhoods and all cities and towns in between.