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Chimney Removal

Professional Chimney Masonry Removal

When it’s time to have your chimney safely removed, trust Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney to do the job safely and correctly. We perform chimney removal services throughout the Buffalo and Rochester regions including Cheektowaga NY, Webster NY, Hamburg NY, Pittsford NY, Amherst NY and other Western New York communities.

Profesional Chimney Removal in West Seneca, NY

Are you thinking of having your chimney taken down? Has it become damaged to the point that basic rebuilding and repair can no longer solve the problem? Or have you decided you simply no longer want the chimney and fireplace? In these or other cases, call us first for a job that will exceed your expectations.

Factors That Affect Chimney Removal

While chimneys all do pretty much the same thing, the way they were built will dictate exactly what needs to be addressed during the removal process.

Before starting a chimney removal project, we want to know:

  • Is the chimney connected with the walls/framing/roof, or is it supported independently?
  • Where is the chimney located? Is it along a wall, or in the middle of a room?
  • Does the chimney exit a single-story roof, or does it run through multiple stories?

Knowing the answers to these and related questions will allow us to approach the job the right way.

Chimney Parts

There are two main parts of a chimney structure:

The chimney stack: This is the part of the chimney you see extending from the roof line

The chimney breast: This is the rest of the chimney that is concealed within the house structure

Some homeowners who schedule chimney removal with us desire only for the stack to be taken down. This is often an aesthetic decision – they no longer want an unsightly chimney exterior visible atop their home, but they’re not concerned with unseen parts of the chimney (the chimney breast).

If you want the entire chimney structure removed, you’re usually looking at a more involved process that requires more time to complete. However, depending on what you want to accomplish with a remodeling project, total removal may be the best way to go.

Professional Chimney Removal in Chili, NY

Completing the Job

The chimney removal experts at Felgemacher do more than just remove old or damaged chimneys. We also take great care to protect your home and things in and around it during the project. After the chimney is partially or completely removed, we safely patch up open holes in the roof, wall or other areas so you can continue with your decorating or remodeling efforts.

Can You Remove Your Own Chimney?

It’s never recommended for untrained individuals to undertake chimney removal work. Demolishing a chimney structure involves a lot more than just taking down and removing the bricks. If not done correctly, a chimney removal project can cause very expensive damage to your home and property as well as put people’s safety at risk during and after the job.

Since 1953, we’ve removed chimneys and performed repair and rebuilding services in Buffalo NY neighborhoods, Rochester NY neighborhoods and all outlying communities. Call (716) 907-4914 in the Buffalo area or (585) 308-4914 in and around Rochester for expert chimney removal. Schedule a chimney removal here.