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Chimney Repair & Rebuliding

Being in the Western New York Area, the harsh weather conditions can cause serious damage to your chimney. The mortar joints become damaged and eroded and moisture can damage the brick or stone. Tuckpointing is the process used to prevent the destructive process. If your chimney is too deteriorated, rebuilding may be necessary.

chimney rebuild and repairWhat is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the mortar joints in the stone or brick walls by grinding out the old mortar and filling it in with new mortar.

Why is tuckpointing necessary?

The mortar of a chimney has a much shorter lifespan than the bricks or stone. When the mortar becomes damaged, the most cost effective way to repair it is through tuckpointing. If the mortar of the chimney deteriorates, the chimney can collapse and a complete rebuild will be necessary. The cost of a rebuild is much more expensive than repairing the mortar.

How do I know if my Chimney needs tuckpointing or rebuilding?

Take a close look at the walls of your chimney. Do you see cracks, crumbling bricks, uneven areas of mortar, voids or noticeable gaps between the bricks? If so, you may need to have your chimney rebuilt instead of having it tuckpointed. We can do partial rebuild or rebuild the chimney from the roofline up, it all depends on where the damage is and the structural integrity of your chimney.