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Gas & Wood Burning Stoves

High Heat-Efficient Gas & Wood burning Stoves

A new gas or wood heating stove might be the answer to your winter chills. Visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop of Buffalo NY and learn about all the amazing advantages of modern heating stoves. We serve customers throughout Western New York including the communities of Rochester NY, Webster NY, Amherst NY, West Seneca NY, Lancaster NY, Grand Island NY, Lewiston NY and other local cities and towns.

wood burning stove install in Rochester NYWood or Gas Heating Stove

Today’s heating stoves from Pacific Energy are nothing like the “traditional” stoves of the past. Modern stoves come in many exciting sizes, shapes, design styles and finishes that will compliment any home’s décor. And when it comes to heat, it’s hard to find a more powerful heat producer for those cold winter days and nights when warmth is the #1 objective.

Benefits of Free-Standing Stoves

  • Advanced technology found in these stoves results in clean burns and high heat, with heat-efficiency ratings of up to 80% and higher – compared to just 10% to 20% with open masonry fireplaces.
  • A variety of sizes and BTU outputs for ideal heating of small and large spaces.
  • A dedicated vent system means no need to build a chimney.
  • Easy venting allows for installation virtually anywhere within your home including smaller rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and more.
  • Today’s gas and wood heating stoves meet stringent EPA emissions and operational requirements.
  • Years of safe, predictable performance when professionally installed and maintained.

Gas Heating Stoves

For folks looking for ultra-easy operation, a new gas stove is the perfect choice. Free-standing gas stoves turn on and off fast with a switch or remote. It’s simple to adjust the stove for the ideal temperature. There’s virtually no mess, and no major cleaning is required. With high heat production and stunning good looks, it’s not surprising that gas stoves are becoming more popular every year.

Wood Heating Stoves

For the traditionalist, nothing beats a real wood fire with a wood burning stove.

Stove Installations Buffalo & Rochester NY

After finding your ideal heating stove at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop, our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, will professionally install it for you. The technicians who perform stove installations are certified through the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, ensuring you that the job will be done correctly and completely.

In addition to installation, Felgemacher offers the following hearth services:

  • Vent system/chimney cleaning
  • Stove, fireplace and chimney inspection
  • Repair work for all gas and wood heating appliances
  • Chimney repair and rebuilding
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • and many more.

When it’s time to shop for a new wood or gas heating stove for your home, visit us first and see an amazing selection. Felgemacher Fireplace Shop is located at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga NY. Reach us by phone at (716) 482-1820. We serve the Allentown neighborhood, the Delaware District neighborhood and all cities and towns in the Buffalo NY and Rochester NY regions.