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Freestanding Gas Heating Stoves

Top Gas Heating Stove Installations

A new gas stove is a perfect choice if you’re tired of low performance from your masonry fireplace and are wishing to add a lovely aesthetic touch to your home. See the best in modern gas heating stoves at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop of Buffalo NY. We serve many local communities including Rochester NY, Hamburg NY, Pittsford NY, Cheektowaga NY, Webster NY, Amherst NY and other Western New York cities and towns.

gas stove install in Buffalo NYWhy a Gas Stove?

Among all the heating appliances on the market today, a gas heating stove is certainly one of the most powerful and easiest to use. Pacific Energy offers a complete line of free-standing stoves that will bring you many exciting benefits. Here are a few.

High Heat Production

Gas stoves are heavy-duty heat producers. Many come with very high BTU outputs and heat-efficiency ratings of 75% and higher. This rating tells you how much of the heat generated will actually be available as heat within your home. (Masonry fireplaces, as a contrast, have ratings of about 10% to 20%.)

Gorgeous Designs

When it comes to good looks, you won’t be disappointed with your new gas stove. Models feature a range of sizes, shapes, finishes and designs that make it easy to compliment the décor of any home.

Easy to Use

Looking for fast heat and controllable temperatures? Free-standing gas stoves are ultra-easy to use: a switch or remote gets fires started immediately and extinguishes them just as quickly. Thermostatic control lets you customize your indoor comfort level.

Low Maintenance

Because gas is clean-burning, you won’t have to deal with creosote, ash and soot. Very little cleaning is required with gas stoves, and an annual safety checkup from a certified stove technician is about all you’ll need.

Simple Venting

Gas stoves have their own vent pipe system, which can be run through a wall or the ceiling. This makes it easy to install them just about anywhere in the room you choose.

new gas burning stove in Rochester NYPerfect for Zone Heating

Speaking of versatile installation, gas heating stoves are perfect zone-heating appliances for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, workshops and other rooms within your home. Get safe, predictable heat and cut down on utility bills.

Gas Heating Stove Installations

When you purchase your new gas free-standing stove at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop, our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, will provide professional installation. Felgemacher techs are certified through the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America and have the hands-on training and expertise required to install your new stove correctly and safely.


Along with stove installation, Felgemacher offers important fireplace, stove and chimney services including:

  • Chimney sweep / chimney cleaning
  • Stove, fireplace and chimney inspections
  • Fireplace and fireplace insert installation
  • Appliance repair
  • Masonry repair
  • Chimney rebuilding

and many others.

Is now the right time to bring a beautiful new gas heating stove into your home? We’ll make it easy for you to select the perfect model for your heating and decorative needs. Visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga NY, or reach us by phone at (716) 482-1820. We serve customers in all Buffalo NY neighborhoods and Rochester NY neighborhoods and all communities in between.