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Chimney Cap & Chimney Damper Repair

Every masonry chimney in the Greater Rochester region should have a cap with a wire mesh screen and spark arrestor. A chimney cap with a wire mesh screen is a critical component that protects the chimney from moisture intrusion, small animals, leaves, and debris that can damage the flue and fireplace. Likewise, a spark arrestor is a vital feature that prevents hot embers from landing on your roof or surrounding brush and starting a fire.

Chimney Cap Repair & Installation in Rochester NY

With over fifty years of experience serving thousands of satisfied customers, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is your local expert for chimney cap and damper repair and installation in the Greater Rochester Area.

Custom Caps for Your Western NY Chimney

Not every chimney and flue is built with the exact dimensions. So, a standard chimney cap may not be the right fit. A chimney cap must be the correct size for maximum protection of your chimney and flue.

Our custom chimney caps are the ideal solution for any masonry chimney in the western New York region. We also offer chimney caps and chase covers for manufactured chimneys and fireplaces.

Product Features:

  • It prevents water from leaking into the flue and fireplace.
  • It keeps pesky critters out of the chimney.
  • It guards against hot embers that can spark a fire.
  • They are designed to fit your specific chimney and flue perfectly.
  • Professional installation.

When a Damper Needs Repair or Replacement

The damper is an essential part of the chimney that regulates airflow. It also prevents energy loss when the fireplace is not in use. The damper should open and close with ease. When a damper loses its airtight seal, is challenging to operate, or doesn’t open or close all the way, it may need repair or replacement. The fix may be as simple as replacing the gasket, or the fireplace may require a new damper assembly.

Throat Damper: The most common type is called the throat damper. It is located between the flue and firebox in the chimney’s throat.

Top-Mount Damper: When a throat damper needs replacement, we often recommend installing a top-mount damper instead. Its installation at the top of the chimney also functions as a chimney cap. In addition, it seals the entire flue and fireplace when closed. Thus, providing better protection against water leaks, wildlife, pests, and debris. Many of our customers also find top-mount dampers easier to operate than traditional throat dampers.

chimney cap repair and installation in Rochester,NY and West Henrietta NYChimney Cap and Damper Installation in Rochester

If you think you may be ready for a new chimney cap and damper, please give us a call at 585-308-4914 or fill out our online contact form.

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