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Chimney Tuckpointing

Many folks are under the impression that a masonry brick chimney can last up to 100 years. While masonry chimneys are very durable structures, brick and mortar are porous materials that make them vulnerable to seasonal weather changes. From snow and ice to heavy rains, masonry can take a beating that can cause cracks in the masonry and mortar joints, leading to spalling, or worse ̶ a partial or complete structural collapse.

Chimney Tuckpointing Repair, Rochester NY and Hilton NY

For more than five decades, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has restored thousands of chimneys with tuckpointing and other chimney repair services. Our skilled masons work within a broad service area throughout the Rochester metropolitan Area.

The Impact of Masonry Damage on Your Chimney

Have you noticed white stains on your chimney? It’s called efflorescence and usually appears in the spring and summer. Efflorescence occurs when bricks absorb moisture, drawing the salts inside the clay material to the surface. It may appear to wash away with water or when it rains, only to reappear when the masonry surface dries. Efflorescence is the first sign that your masonry is absorbing water.

Upon closer examination of the brick and mortar, you may notice tiny holes, like you might see areas of missing mortar. Mortar is softer than brick, so this is often the first area that needs repair. When the decaying mortar worsens, it will result in bricks flaking, cracking, or spalling. Brick spalling is a leading cause of structural failure.

Restoring Your Masonry Chimney with Tuckpointing

The restoration process starts with a chimney inspection. Tuckpointing is typically the most efficient and affordable method to restore strength and stability when masonry damage is caught in its early stages, and the bricks are undamaged. Next, our experienced masons scoop out the decaying mortar in the brickwork, refilling the gaps with new, durable material. When the tuckpointing is complete, it will look like the damage never happened. In addition to restoring its structural integrity, tuckpointing also increases heating efficiency. Plus, you will avoid a chimney rebuild.

Tuckpointing Vs. Repointing

With chimney tuckpointing, the areas that received new mortar may look more recent than the other untouched sections of the chimney. Repointing is an option that color matches the mortar, giving your entire chimney a uniform appearance.

Chimney Rebuilding

When severe masonry damage, chimney removal & rebuild might be the only option to prevent a structural collapse. Otherwise, the damage will continue to worsen. You may notice entire blocks of brick missing or falling to the ground. The chimney may begin leaning. It will become more vulnerable to storms, lightning, and gusty winds. A chimney collapse can cause extensive and costly damage to your roof and home.

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