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Leaky Chimney Repairs

Have you noticed water dripping in the fireplace when it rains? Do you hear dripping water? These are common signs that you have a leaky chimney that needs repair. While a chimney leak may seem like a minor issue, it can cause extensive water damage resulting in costlier repairs and premature replacement of your chimney cap, damper, and other components.

So, if you suspect your chimney may have a water leak, call us to schedule a visit as soon as possible. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester is owner-certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to provide expert chimney leak repairs in the greater Rochester Metropolitan area including Hilton NY, Greece NY, Ridgemont NY, Westgate NY, Genesee Junction NY.

Chimney Inspection, Honeoye Falls, NYWhy You Need a Chimney Inspection First

Before tackling any chimney leak repair, we must determine where the water enters the structure. Your chimney has several critical components, including the brickwork, chimney cap, crown, etc. Therefore, a chimney inspection is always the first step, with many potential entry points where a leak can occur.

Common Causes of Chimney Leaks

Below is a list of the most common reasons Pittsford, NY, homeowners have a leaky chimney:

  • The chimney cap is damaged, loose, or missing.
  • Your chase cover is rusting, warping, or corroding.
  • There are cracks in the chimney crown.
  • Flashing is failing or installed improperly.
  • The chimney chase siding is cracking or rotting.
  • Gaps in the mortar joints.
  • Spalling or missing bricks.

5 Warning Signs Your Chimney May Have a Leak

1. Rain drips into the fireplace.
2. Water stains on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace.
3. Moisture in the attic or on the roof deck.
4. Your fireplace has a musty or damp odor.
5. There is rust or corrosion on the damper.

Repairing Chimney Leaks

We have seen first-hand how quickly a tiny water leak can cause costly chimney repairs when they are not addressed timely or accurately.

Leaky Chimney Repair, Park Avenue, Rochester, NY

Depending on the cause of the leak, our professional masons and chimney technicians may recommend tuckpointing, chimney cap replacement, chimney crown repair, or other solutions to fix the problem. In addition, in some areas in Rochester, NY a cricket can help prevent snow and water accumulation around the flashing and chimney.

Waterproofing Your Chimney

After making the necessary repairs, waterproofing your chimney will help protect it against future water leaks. We use a specially formulated water-based sealant with a vapor-permeable membrane that allows the masonry to breathe so any trapped moisture can escape.

Using the wrong water repellant can trap moisture inside the masonry, resulting in further deterioration. We recommend re-applying the waterproof sealant for maximum protection every five to seven years. We offer an environmentally friendly solution that can prolong the life of your chimney for decades.

Professional Chimney Leak Repair in Rochester

Don’t let a small water leak turn into a hefty repair bill. Felgemacher Mason &  Chimney is Rochesters’s trusted choice for expert chimney leak repairs in the Greater Rochester area, including Pittsford NY, Webster, NY Hilton NY, Rush NY, Greece NY, Genesee Junction NY, West Henrietta NY, Honeoye Falls NY, Fishers NY, Victor NY, Fairport NY, Irondequoit NY, Spencerport NY, Ridgemont NY, Westgate NY, Penfield NY.