Why Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential To Your Home

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Why Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential

Like most folks in the Rochester Metropolitan Area, you probably clean your dryer lint tray after every load. While that's good practice, it's insufficient to prevent one of the most common home disasters: a dryer vent fire. Here are five life-saving reasons why professional dryer vent cleaning is necessary for home maintenance.

Professional Dryer Vent Lint Removal and Cleaning in Honeoye Falls, NY

Significantly Reduces Fire Risk

Clothes dryer fires due to lint in the vent pipe are one of the leading causes of house fires. There are nearly 3,000 dryer fires annually, resulting in over $35 million in property losses, not to mention an average of over 100 injuries and five deaths. Fire safety experts recommend having a professional dryer lint removal service clean out the vent pipe at least once a year.

Fewer Dryer Repairs

So, where does all that lint go? While the lint tray catches some of the lint, it doesn't trap all of it. Some fabric, lint, and other particles vent through the exhaust hose behind the machine to an external vent. When the vent or piping is clogged, it will take longer for the device to dry your laundry—the additional wear and tear results in more frequent repairs.


Prolongs Your Clothes Dryer’s Useful Life

When our certified professionals remove the lint and other organic materials clogging the vent and flue pipe, the improved airflow will improve your dryer's performance. Fewer breakdowns and less heat build-up will also prolong its useful life, requiring replacement less often.

Faster Drying Time with Less Damage to Laundry

Are your clothes taking longer to dry than usual? Do you notice more holes, damage, or scorch marks on clothing? That's a sign your dryer vent may be clogging. Our professional dryer vent cleaning service removes the lint and other debris clogging the vent pipes. When your vent and lines are clean, your laundry will dry faster with less damage to your favorite clothes.

Lower Utility Bills

When you have to keep adding more time to dry your laundry, the additional wear on the system also uses more gas or electricity. Cleaning the dryer lines and exhaust vent at least yearly will save energy, and you will enjoy lower utility bills.

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