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Fireplace Inserts

With a gas or wood-burning fireplace insert, you can enjoy an authentic fire-burning experience without the harmful emissions and cleaning that a traditional masonry fireplace requires. With various styles, fuel, and venting options, it’s an ideal solution for transforming any living space into a warm and cozy energy-efficient retreat – even in Rochester, NY, homes without an existing fireplace!

Fireplace Insert install in Rochester NY and Rush NY

Our professional chimney technicians will help you decide which new fireplace insert is best for your living space and budget. We offer a selection of top-performing brands like Enviro and Pacific Energy. Our factory-authorized technicians are thoroughly trained for installing and venting wood and gas-fueled heating appliances throughout the Rochester metropolitan areas and surrounding towns and communities.

Rochester Fireplaces Inserts

A fireplace insert is a manufactured fireplace that uses a closed-combustion system that contains the heat in a metal fireproof box. The heating appliance is inserted directly inside the opening of a traditional masonry fireplace.

So, instead of losing more than 85% of the heat through the chimney, a fireplace insert’s self-containing system distributes over 70% of the heat it generates into the living space. A built-in thermostat and handy remote make it easy to operate and maintain the desired comfort level in your home or outdoor living space.

Wood-Burning Insert:

Save money on those winter heating bills with a brand-new energy-efficient wood fireplace insert. Its closed combustion system burns wood to fuel more efficiently with significantly less smoke, soot, and creosote.

As a result, EPA-Certified wood- burning fireplace inserts use 30% less fuel to generate the same heat level as a conventional fireplace. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap too.

Gas Insert:

Enjoy the convenience of continuous heat and lower utility bills with a new gas fireplace insert. Gas fireplace inserts feature an automatic ignition system making turning on and off the heat as simple as pressing a button. It’s also 70 percent more efficient to heat your home with a gas fireplace insert than a conventional fireplace. Its clean burning fuel produces heat without the smoke or emissions of a wood fireplace.

Inserts For Homes Without an Existing Fireplace

No existing fireplace, no problem. Fireplace inserts are a more affordable and environmentally friendly option for enjoying a soothing flame-burning experience in a home without an existing masonry or manufactured fireplace. With our selection of direct vent gas or wood inserts, chimney construction is not necessary. Our technicians can help you select the size, accessories, and options like a surround and mantel for a budget-friendly custom fireplace experience that will meet your indoor or outdoor home heating needs.

Gas Fireplace Insert Install in Rochester NY and Ridgemont NY

Gas & Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts & Installation Near Me

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is the Rochester metropolitan area’s best source for gas fireplace insert sales & installations.  We have options for both wood and gas with many brands to choose from. Call us today, to speak to one of our Fireplace Experts at 585-308-4914 or fill out our online contact form.

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