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Chimney Removal

Many residents in Center City in downtown, as well as other Rochester area neighborhoods live in older homes with a chimney that is beyond repair and want to avoid a structural collapse. Professional chimney removal may be your best option if that sounds like your situation. However, it’s a lot easier to build a chimney than to remove it, especially if it has severe damage and is attached to an older or historic home. So, you must ensure the company you hire has the skills and professional equipment to do it correctly.

Profesional Chimney Removal in Pittsford NY and Rochester NY

Our highly experienced masonry specialists have the training and expertise to safely remove the entire chimney structure without damaging your home. Thus, giving you the option to rebuild a new chimney or repurpose the space. We proudly serve communities throughout the Greater Rochester area, as well as surrounding cities and towns.

When Your Rochester Chimney Needs Removal

A damaged chimney can be dangerous. As the stack becomes unstable, it can collapse, resulting in significant property damage to your beautiful home. A lightning strike, tropical storm force winds, heavy rain and hail may be all it takes to push it over the edge. A crumbling chimney can also be a health hazard. Our humid summer weather is the perfect storm for mold and mildew that can spread inside your home. It can also attract rodents and pests like mice, rats, ants, and cockroaches.

Here is a handy checklist that you can use as a guide to determine whether chimney removal is right for you:

  • Your chimney is leaning.
  • Several sections of missing or spalling bricks.
  • Significant gaps in the mortar joints.
  • Severe damage to the chimney crown and masonry.
  • Extensive water damage.
  • Foundation is sinking or damaged.
  • You want to rebuild a new chimney.
  • You are installing a new heating appliance that doesn’t require a chimney.

Complete Chimney Removal Vs. Rebuilding

Complete chimney removal requires demolishing the existing structure, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an authentic fire-burning experience. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester has a variety of solutions that will meet your interior or exterior home heating needs, lifestyle, and budget. For example, our talented and skilled masons can custom-build a brand-new chimney in its place or in a different location that matches your home’s unique style and décor. An elegant new chimney and an energy-efficient fireplace may increase your home’s property value. We sell and install gas logs and fireplaces from America’s leading brands that don’t require a chimney.

Professional Chimney Removal in Rochester NY and Fishers NY.

Chimney Removal Services in Rochester, NY

With more than fifty years of experience, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is the top choice for safe chimney removal. If it is time for you to remove or rebuild your old chimney, please give us a call at 585-308-4914 or fill out our online contact form.

We proudly serve the Greater Rochester area, including Hilton NY, Ridgemont NY, Westgate NY, Genesee Junction NY, West Henrietta NY, Rush NY, Greece NY, Honeoye Falls NY, Fishers NY, Victor NY, Pittsford NY, Webster NY, Irondequoit NY, Spencerport NY, Fairport NY, and Penfield NY.

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