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How Summer Storms Can Affect Your Chimney

Many homeowners may not realize that summer storms can be as destructive to the chimney as freezing rain and snow in the winter. In addition to heavy rains, high winds can also cause chimney damage.  Western New York is no stranger to stormy weather. For example, a 1998 summer storm plowed across the Greater Rochester Read more

Backyard Recreational Fires – Safety & Info

With summer on the horizon, many folks get their fireplace cleaned and ready for sinter and use this time to entertain family and friends in the backyard, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. Fire pits are another favorite popping up in backyards throughout Buffalo, Rochester, and Upstate New York. As a result, many homeowners are installing Read more

Why Your Chimney Damper Is Important

The chimney damper is an essential fireplace component that regulates airflow in the flue. It is typically installed in the chimney’s throat just above the firebox. The damper, which is usually comprised of iron or steel, acts like a window letting air in the flue when it’s open and preventing indoor air from escaping when Read more

We Can Find the Source of Your Chimney Leaks

Finding the source of a chimney leak can be tricky. It isn’t just a matter of looking up the chimney and spotting the cause of a chimney leak.  Homeowners don’t realize there are many working parts to a chimney.  Professionals in chimney services should do the detection of a leak.  Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is Read more

Chimney Cleaning for Better Health

There is something so wonderfully relaxing about a fire in a fireplace.  It’s warming on a chilly evening, it’s romantic on a Saturday night, and it is a lifesaver when the power goes out. Of all the fantastic things a fireplace can do to improve your life, there are as many that are detrimental to Read more

Ahh! We have Chimney Leaks!

After a long, cold winter, most homeowners look forward to the warmer spring weather. While the springtime showers are just what our lawns and flowers need, the rainy weather can also sprout chimney leaks. While masonry chimneys are strong and durable, long-term exposure to rain, ice, wind, and heat can weaken the masonry and other Read more

How Ice Dams Can Damage Chimneys

One thing we can count on during our New York winters is plenty of snow. We also can count on that snow melting and then refreezing. When this happens in recessed areas of your roof where your chimney sits, ice dams are formed and can eventually cause damage to the chimney’s masonry and flashing. Masonry Read more

5 Tips for Winter Fireplace & Chimney Care

Keeping your chimney and fireplace safe and in good condition during the winter burning season isn’t difficult. Here are five fireplace and chimney care tips you can use every winter. 1. Solve backdraft problems Because of the drastically different temperatures between the heavy, cold outside air and the warmer, lighter air inside your flue when Read more

Can a Chimney Breast Wall Be Removed?

The chimney breast wall is the material surrounding your fireplace inside your home. It is typically made of concrete or brickwork and is an integral part of the fireplace/chimney system if it serves to house the flue. Some chimney breast walls are built more for cosmetic appeal, and these can be made of various materials Read more

Can You Get Your Chimney Repaired in the Winter?

This is a question asked by a lot of people who live in cold-weather cities. A damaged chimney needs to be repaired – no matter what time of year the issue happens. Yet repairing a chimney during a fierce blizzard seems counterintuitive. So what’s the answer? The answer is two-fold: Schedule all known chimney repairs Read more