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Winter Chimney Upgrades for Improved Efficiency

What better way to enjoy a cozy winter night than sitting by the fireplace with your family and friends? The crackle of the wood puts you in that relaxed mood. Fireplaces appeal to many for their ambiance, but they can bring a second source of warmth to the home.  The efficiency of your fireplace is Read more

Techniques for Sustaining a Cozy Hearth All Night

The cool nights are upon us. You’ve waited all summer for the coolness of fall so you can start a fire. Here are some refreshers on what you need to do to burn the most efficient and sustainable fire. Experts suggest building your fire from the top down or the top-down method. We will talk Read more

Snowfall Woes: How to Handle Snowfall With A Chimney

Snow can be a problem for homeowners with masonry or factory-built chimneys. Buffalo, New York, is known for its harsh winters and heavy snowfall. The area experiences an average of 98 inches of the fluffy white stuff each year. So, how can something so small and soft be such a menace to a two-ton brick Read more

What Is Chimney Waterproofing?

Buffalo, NY, is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Erie and is drenched with history. However, the harsh winters can cause significant damage to homes and chimneys in the region. As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, masonry chimneys are particularly vulnerable to water damage, a primary concern in Western New York’s Read more

Is Your Chimney Haunted

‘Twas the night before old Hallows Eve in Buffalo’s West Village neighborhood. You are sitting in the living room of a 19th-century Gothic Revival home, enjoying a cozy fire, when you suddenly hear weird noises in your chimney. The rattling, banging, whistling, and even howling sounds make you wonder if your chimney is haunted. Well, Read more

Fall Fireplace Maintenence & Tips

The leaves are turning orange, the air is getting crisp, and the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven fills the air. It’s fall in Western New York! So, ‘tis the season to start thinking about fireplace. Here are some fall fireplace maintenance & Tips to help you. Whether you have a wood-burning or Read more

Getting the Most From Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

While it’s true there are more efficient ways to heat your home, nothing beats the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace. And even if you rely solely on the fireplace as a secondary heat source, we want to help you get the most out of it. Below are our top tips to help ensure your fireplace Read more

How To Repair A Chimney Crown

Here in Rochester, we get a lot of rain and snow. It can put a lot of stress on your chimney crown, especially when snow accumulates on top of your chimney. When the crown has cracks or other damage, water can seep into your chimney and cause extensive damage to the interior masonry walls and Read more

Why You Should Have Chimney Leaks Repaired Immediately

Your chimney is critical to your home’s venting system, helping safely and efficiently remove smoke and exhaust from your wood or gas-burning fireplace. However, the extreme weather conditions we experience, from freezing winters to humid summers, are taking a toll on your chimney, leading to water leaks for homeowners in Niagara Falls, Rochester, and western Read more

Get Your Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Fall

Here in the Greater Buffalo and Rochester, NY area, we know a thing or two about cold weather and the lake-effect snow that blankets rooftops. And when temperatures drop, many of us light our fireplaces and stoves to stay warm. However, starting a fire without a chimney inspection can be dangerous. Since the season’s first Read more