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Brick Window Lintel & Sill Repair

Drafty windows?

You might have a failing masonry window lintel or sill. These elements bear the brunt of Buffalo’s harsh winters, with lake-effect snow and seasonal rain that drifts across the shoreline. Over time, this exposure can cause cracks, deterioration, and compromised functionality. While these windows to the soul offer stunning views, they’re also one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, prone to water leaks and air loss. This can lead to decreased energy efficiency, higher utility bills, and even discomfort in your home.

Brick window repair Rochester, NY

Serving the greater Rochester and Buffalo area communities since 1953, Felgemacher Masonry is one of western New York’s oldest and most experienced brick window lintel and sill repair specialists.

Our professional masons not only restore your window’s charming appearance, but can also save you money on heating and cooling costs.

What is the Difference Between a Windowsill and a Lintel?

Both windowsills and lintels play vital roles in the structure and functionality of your window. The windowsill is the bottom platform of the window opening, often extending inside and outside the wall. It provides structural support for the window frame and directs rainwater away from the wall through a slight slope and overhang. Larger windowsills often serve as a decorative element for displaying small plants or other objects.

On the other hand, the lintel is directly above the window opening, spanning the gap between the wall sections. It supports the weight of the wall above the window opening so it doesn’t collapse. It also distributes the load from the upper floors to the surrounding walls.

Commons Signs Your Brick Window Lintel Or Sill Needs Repair:

Spring rains, harsh winters, and frequent freeze-thaw cycles in Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York can damage your brick steps.

Look for these four signs:

  • Drafts: Feeling drafts around your windows? It, too, could be a sign of air leakage due to damaged mortar or a failing lintel.
  • Water damage: Are there signs of water infiltration inside your home? Look for water stains, mold growth, or dampness around the window frame.
  • Cracks: Look for cracks in the mortar joints, lintels, or the masonry surrounding the window. Diagonal cracks above the window corners are particularly concerning.
  • Loose or crumbling bricks: Bricks around the window that are loose, cracked, or crumbling require immediate repair.

Brick Window repair in Rochester NY and Buffalo NY

Expert Masonry Window Lintel and Sill Restoration

Deteriorated brickwork in window lintels and sills can compromise the structural integrity of your home and lead to water infiltration and other damage. Our experienced masons provide comprehensive repair and restoration services for these essential elements, ensuring long-lasting results that comply with local building codes.

Our services include:

  • Masonry cracks: We address minor cracks in lintels and sills to prevent further deterioration.
  • Repointing: We replace deteriorated joints with durable mortar material to restore structural stability and improve water resistance.
  • Brick replacement: We meticulously replace damaged or missing bricks with matching materials and techniques to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home.
  • Lintel reinforcement: In cases of severe damage, we can explore options for reinforcing the lintel itself, potentially involving additional structural elements, depending on the specific circumstances.


Residential Brick Window Lintel/Sill Repair Near Me

We’re in your neighborhood! Serving the western New York region, our trained and certified masonry professionals provide expert Brick Window Lintel/Sill Repair and new installations for homeowners in Greater Rochester and Buffalo, including Cheektowaga, Elma Center, Irondequoit, and Pittsford.