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Gas Burning Log Sales & Installations

Make life easier with a beautiful new gas log set for your existing fireplace. Gas logs are easy to use and bring both warmth and elegance to any home. Visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Cheektowaga NY if you live in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Webster NY, Hamburg NY, Pittsford NY, Amherst NY, or any other Western New York community.

Gas log sets installed in Orchard Park, NYImagine a roaring log stack in your fireplace with vibrant flames and amazing beauty. Imagine entertaining, socializing and just hanging out around your fireplace. Now imagine all this with absolutely no mess, no hassle and very little time spent doing anything other than enjoying the experience.

If you can imagine that, you can imagine life with a new gas log set from top makers like American Hearth and Hargrove.

What Is a Gas Log Set?

Gas log sets contain faux logs through which gas flames burn. Log sets are purchased as a package and installed inside the firebox of a traditional masonry fireplace. The logs are designed to look amazingly like real wood (see below.) There are two different styles of gas log sets: vented and vent-free.

The vented variety are operated with the damper open and use the existing flue as a vent channel. Vent-free log sets require no venting – the damper stays closed and more heat is available for your room.

Consider a New Gas-Burning Log Set for Your Home

A lot of people are converting their masonry fireplaces to the convenience of gas log sets. In doing so, they get many benefits. Here are some of them.

Ease of use: Fires are started and stopped with a switch. There’s none of the typical chopping wood, hauling it, storing it or bringing it into the house.

Greater fire safety: Gas produces no flammable creosote that could cause a chimney fire. All gas log fires are totally controlled by the operator.

Stunning visuals: Modern log sets are fashioned to resemble real wood logs like pine, walnut, birch, oak and many others. Everything is in the detail, from the shape and color of the logs to the unique bark patterns and markings.

Low maintenance: Gas log sets need an occasional wiping off, and the gas line connections need occasional inspection to make sure everything’s tight and in place. Other than that, you’ll spend no maintenance time on your fireplace.

Infinite burns: How long do you want your fire to burn? As long as you’ve got a gas supply, your fireplace will keep operating with no work on your part.

NFI-Certified Installation

Let us help you choose the perfect new gas log set for your fireplace, and then let the NFI-certified experts in our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, install it for you. We’ll look over your fireplace to ensure that it’s ready to accommodate a new log set, and we’ll run a safe gas line hookup, if necessary.

Get a new gas log set in Westgate, NYFireplace & Chimney Services in Buffalo NY/Rochester NY

In addition to appliance installation, Felgemacher has been offering a variety of important fireplace and chimney services for more than 60 years.

  • Chimney sweep/chimney cleaning
  • qualified chimney inspections
  • Chimney repair
  • Brickwork/tuckpointing
  • Chimney liner inspection/installation
  • Repair or replacement of dampers, chimney caps, chase covers, chimney crowns, flashing
  • Smoke chamber parging

and many other services.

Visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga NY to learn more about the advantages of a fireplace upgrade with a new gas log set. Reach a helpful associate by phone at (716) 907-4914.

We serve customers in all Buffalo NY and Rochester NY neighborhoods including the Park Avenue neighborhood and many other Western New York communities.