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Chimney Waterproofing

Chimney waterproofing can restore the safe operation of your chimney and add to its lifespan. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney provides chimney leak sealing services throughout Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Webster NY, Amherst, NY, West Seneca NY, Lancaster NY, Grand Island NY, Lewiston NY, and other local communities.

Professional Chimney Services in Cheektowaga, NYOne of the best ways to prolong the life of your chimney and keep it running safely and soundly is with chimney waterproofing applied by our chimney repair professionals.

Stop Ongoing Damage with Chimney Waterproofing

You might think that the biggest enemy your chimney faces is heat from a fire. The truth is, water is the main enemy of chimneys. Whether in the form of rain or snow, water eventually can cause damage to the chimney’s masonry as well as many of its components.

If chimney leaks aren’t caught early, water moving into the system can deteriorate your home’s building materials and lead to a chimney collapse. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent all this.

ChimneySaver Sealant Blocks Water & Prevents Damage

At Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, we use a product called ChimneySaver. A professional-grade water repellant, ChimneySaver is an outstanding way to protect masonry from water damage.

Tests show that this product blocks 99.9% of the moisture that might otherwise get into your chimney while being able to “breathe” to release internal moisture. ChimneySaver was the first formula of its kind developed specifically for chimney masonry waterproofing. It’s been around for more than 20 years, and we’ve had outstanding results with it on chimneys throughout

Signs of Damaged Masonry/Chimney Leaks

We always suggest that homeowners schedule annual professional chimney inspections by our team of chimney experts. But there are some things you can look out for that point to a compromise in the

  • White staining on exterior masonry (called efflorescence)
  • Visible mold or algae growth on or around the chimney or fireplace
  • Brick spalling (cracked or crumbling masonry bricks)
  • Cracks and crumbling within mortar joints
  • Rusty damper that squeaks and won’t open and close properly
  • Water on the floor of the firebox
  • A strong, musty odor coming from the fireplace

chimney inspection in Rochester NY

Chimney Inspections in Buffalo NY & Rochester NY

The first step to determining if chimney waterproofing is the right solution to your leak problem is a thorough inspection. The CSIA certified ownership at Felgemacher will pinpoint the cause of your chimney leak and assess any collateral damage that may have occurred. After that, we can recommend the best solution to solve the problem. Many chimneys can benefit from waterproofing with a ChimneySaver application. This process will add many years of life to your chimney and help prevent the infiltration of water, which is a chimney’s #1 enemy.

Learn more about chimney waterproofing, chimney inspection and general chimney repairs by contacting one of our hearth experts today. We work throughout Western New York including in the Allentown neighborhood, the Delaware District neighborhood and all other communities between Buffalo and Rochester.

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