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Brick Garage Lintel Repair

Many Buffalo-area homeowners, like those in Amherst, Tonawanda, and Rochester, have charming garages that are an extension of their daily routine. But what happens when you notice a small crack forming in the lintel, the horizontal brickwork above the garage door?

Garage Lintel Repair in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

While it may seem minor initially, neglecting this crack in the masonry will only lead to more extensive and expensive repairs sooner or later.  

At Felgemacher Masonry, we understand the importance of addressing lintel problems before they escalate. With over 70 years of experience serving the greater Rochester and Buffalo communities, we are Western New York’s trusted experts in masonry garage lintel repair.

Don’t Ignore That Crack

While our western New York climate is “sweater weather” most of the year, heavy winter snows, spring rains, and humid summers increase the natural deterioration of masonry, including brick and mortar. It’s easy to ignore the repairs that need to be made to your brick home, but a timely repair ensures that the problems doesn’t worsen. 

At some point, especially in homes built 50 or more years ago, this natural wear and tear manifests as cracking, spalling (flaking), and crumbling of the masonry.

The lintel above your garage door is not just for decoration it’s necessary for structural support for the opening beneath it. When the lintel cracks, the structure weakens and cannot effectively support the weight of your home above the garage. This weakening can lead to further structural issues, potentially causing it to collapse and compromising the integrity of your entire garage space and residence.

Commons Signs Your Masonry Garage Lintel Needs Repair:

When pulling in or out of your driveway, be on the lookout for these common signs that your brick lintel might need repair:

  • Misaligned garage door: A compromised lintel may lose its ability to keep the door frame straight, leading to difficulties opening, closing, or locking correctly.
  • Cracks: Look for cracks forming in the masonry above your garage door, especially near the corners or in the middle. These cracks may start small but can grow and compromise the lintel’s support.
  • Crumbling or falling pieces: If you notice pieces of the lintel deteriorating or even falling off (brick and mortar pieces on the ground), it’s a clear sign of significant damage and the need for immediate repair.
  • Bowing or sagging: If the lintel appears to be curving inward or drooping downward, it strongly suggests it’s struggling to bear the weight and needs immediate attention.

Brick garage Lintel repair in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Don’t wait for a small crack to become a significant problem! Our team of highly skilled and experienced masons can provide exceptional repairs that address these immediate issues, minimizing the need for future interventions. It will also save you money in the long run, protecting your garage and entire home from further damage.

Brick Garage Lintel Repair – Buffalo – Niagara Falls – Rochester

We’re in your neighborhood, and have provided exceptional service to the community since 1953! Our trained and certified masonry professionals serve the western New York region and provide expert masonry repair for Greater Rochester and Buffalo homeowners, including Amherst, Getzville, Livonia, and Williamsville.