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Brick Step Repair

Your brick steps are the gateway welcoming guests and visitors to your majestic  Buffalo and Rochester home. Although you go up and down these stairs frequently, it is easy to overlook the cracking, spalling, and damaged masonry. While these deficiencies can make your home look less inviting, they pose another problem: They increase the risk of a slip and fall, which could result in an injury claim against your homeowners' insurance policy.

masonry step repair in Buffalo NYCommons Signs Your Brick Steps Need Repair

Brick and mortar have that indestructible appearance. But their constant exposure to the elements - hot summers, cold winters, rain, and even ice, can eventually take its toll, making this once vibrant stairway to your home appear crumbling in the wind. Felgemacher Masonry’s brick step repair can restore its inviting appearance and structural integrity.

Here are four signs to look for:

  • Loose or uneven steps create a tripping hazard and may indicate problems like settling or foundation issues.
  • Crumbling or cracked mortar weakens the structure, allowing water to seep in and causing further damage during rainy weather or freezing temperatures.
  • Spalling bricks occur when the masonry surface flakes or chips away. It's a tell-tale sign of deterioration and looming water damage.
  • Leaning or bowing signifies a more serious structural problem that requires immediate repair.

After an inspection, our masonry experts will promptly perform the necessary repairs to maintain the beauty of your home's entrance while preventing further damage and costlier repairs down the road.

Expert Masonry Step Repair

Crumbling or uneven steps can pose a safety hazard. Felgemacher’s skilled masons can repair or rebuild steps using durable materials for long-lasting results that meet local building codes. This includes:

  • Repairing loose steps.
  • Mortar joint repair.
  • Brick-pointing in older or historic homes.
  • Repointing for minor brick step repair.
  • Install or repair stone treads.

Masonry Step Replacement

Replacing brick steps is a home improvement project that can improve your home's safety and curb appeal. We often recommend it when extensive masonry damage or the steps no longer meet building codes. 

The process: Our skilled masonry professionals will inspect the steps for damage, match the existing brick style and color, and ensure proper drainage to prevent future issues. We guarantee high-quality, aesthetically pleasing results.

Installing Stone Treads on Brick Steps

Adding stone treads to existing brick steps can enhance both aesthetics and safety. This upgrade provides a more durable and slip-resistant surface, especially beneficial in areas with harsh winters like Buffalo and Rochester, New York. 

The process: Our masons choose the right stone type and size, ensuring proper leveling and drainage and selecting appropriate mortar for a robust and long-lasting bond between the stone and brick surface. Our masonry professionals will provide optimal results for a beautiful upgrade to your home's entryway.

brick step masonry repair in Rochester NYTrusted Local Resource

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Serving the entire Buffalo-Niagara Falls-Rochester metropolitan area, our trained and certified brick and stone masonry professionals provide brick step repair and stone tread installation for homeowners throughout northwestern New York, including Amherst, Lewiston, Medina, and Webster.

If you would like to schedule an expert inspection or repair of your brick steps or the masonry of your home, we are happy to assist you!

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