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Buffalo NY Chimney Cleaning – We Remove Creosote

chimney cleaning in Buffalo NY

Homeowners across the Buffalo region who use wood-burning fireplaces count on Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney for annual chimney sweep services. We remove flammable creosote and drafting obstructions to keep chimneys clean, safe and efficient.

Reasons to Schedule Regular Chimney Cleaning

There are two main reasons to arrange regular chimney sweep service at your Buffalo home:

  1. To have flammable creosote removed from your chimney flue
  2. To have leaves, bird and squirrel nests and other debris removed to prevent smoke-drafting issues

Creosote forms when wood burns. It can be sticky, puffy or solid and clings to the walls of your chimney liner and other areas within your chimney system.

Chimney Sweep Services in Buffalo NY

Most chimney fires in Buffalo each year happen because of built-up creosote in the flue or the smoke chamber. Large chimney fires can destroy a chimney and parts of the home, but even smaller fires can start doing damage to your interior flue.

Drafting obstructions enter chimneys that aren’t fitted with a proper chimney cap. We encourage all our Buffalo customers to make sure their chimneys are protected against debris that will cause smoke to back up into their homes.

Smoke is bad enough. Even worse is the deadly carbon monoxide present in smoke.

Is there a Difference among Chimney Sweeps?

Anyone can call himself a “chimney sweep,” and offer chimney cleaning services. However, only a chimney sweep who carries certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is fully qualified to perform the required services.

The CSIA is the recognized authority in the United States on venting systems, chimney safety and training. An organization made up of industry experts, the CSIA requires candidates to pass stringent examinations in order to receive certification as a Chimney Sweep or Master Chimney Sweep.

The Felgemacher crew that works on your chimney will be CSIA-certified and thoroughly trained, ensuring top-quality results.

How Does Chimney Cleaning Work in My Buffalo Home?

When we show up to clean your chimney, we’ll be easy to recognize in our marked trucks and uniforms. You’ll also know it’s us because of the equipment we’ll bring to the job.

Our chimney technicians use a variety of tools including:

  • Chimney sweep rods
  • Flat wire chimney cleaning brushes
  • Stainless steel brushes
  • Hand scrubbers
  • Cable deglazer whips & chain whips
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Industry-grade cleaning solvents

chimney sweep in Buffalo NY

Put Our Experience on Your Side

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has been serving the greater Buffalo region since 1953 with chimney cleaning services as well as chimney inspections and a full menu of chimney repair and rebuilding work.

The best way to ensure that your chimney is safe and works the way you expect it to is to schedule yearly chimney sweeping along with a professional chimney inspection. This way, your chimney stays clean and you learn about early signs of damage before it becomes a lengthy and expensive repair project.

Buffalo residents call (716) 907-4914 to learn more about our services or to arrange an appointment.

chimney creosote removal in Buffalo NY