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Buffalo NY Chimney Rebuilding – Chimney Crown, Chimney Tuckpointing, Chimney Rebuild & More

chimney masonry rebuild in Buffalo NY

When homeowners in the Buffalo region experience problems with their chimneys, their first call should be to the experts at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney. For more than 60 years, we’ve provided licensed chimney repair, masonry work and chimney rebuilding to get your chimney back into shape fast.

What’s Wrong with My Chimney?

If you’ve been asking this question lately, you’re not alone. Our weather here in Buffalo, NY, can take its toll on even the sturdiest chimneys. Along with icy weather, many other things can cause the need for chimney repair including:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Pounding hail
  • House-settling
  • Water leaks
  • Issues with the chimney footing
  • A chimney fire
  • Inferior materials used in building the chimney

These are some of the causes that can lead to serious damage if chimney repairs aren’t performed when they’re needed. If you live in Buffalo or surrounding communities, Felgemacher is standing by to help with expert chimney rebuilding service year-round.

Chimney Repair in Buffalo NY

Chimney Repair Specifics

We provide the following services and many others:

  • Chimney liner repair including HeatShield repair for clay liners
  • Cracked chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Chimney chase cover repair & installation
  • Tuckpointing to replace crumbling mortar
  • Brick replacement & brick repair
  • Repair & installation of flashing around the base of your chimney
  • Fireplace damper repair & replacement
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Smoke shelf repair

Work we perform for our Buffalo customers is done by highly trained chimney repair technicians who care about your chimney and the safety of your home and family.

Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

Severely damaged chimneys in the Buffalo area often need to be partially or completely rebuilt. Chimney rebuilding can prevent a dangerous collapse that could seriously damage your roof, other areas of your home or people living in your home.

Partial chimney rebuilds: Often, just areas within the chimney stack (the part above the roof) need rebuilding. In other cases, you may need parts of the stack as well as sections within the breast (the part below the roof) rebuilt.

Full chimney rebuilds: When damage is significant throughout the chimney system, we typically recommend a full chimney rebuild that includes removing both the breast and the stack and rebuilding from the ground up.

Tuckpointing: This process is common during partial chimney rebuilding. Tuckpointing removes crumbling, decayed mortar and replaces it with a strong new compound to add years of life to your chimney.

Brick replacement: If there is damage to just some of the bricks in your chimney, our expert masons will replace them to restore strength and good looks to the structure.

Chimney Repair in Buffalo NY

Signs Your Buffalo Chimney Needs Attention

While a professional chimney inspection is the best way to detect chimney repair issues in your Buffalo chimney, there are things you can watch for and let us know about. Signs that indicate some level of damage include:

chimney leaking in need of repair in Buffalo NY

  • Water in the firebox
  • White staining on the exterior masonry
  • Strong, unpleasant odors coming from the fireplace
  • Damp areas on walls and the ceiling near the chimney
  • Crumbling sections of mortar on the roof
  • Cracked or loose bricks

If you notice any of these signs or anything else that seems “odd,” contact the Felgemacher chimney repair team and get the problem diagnosed and solved.

Wherever you live in the greater Buffalo, NY, region, we’re standing by year-round to provide you with the very best in chimney repair, chimney rebuilding, chimney inspection and chimney cleaning services. Speak with an expert today at (716) 907-4914.