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Services We Offer

chimney sweep

Chimney Sweeping & Inspections

If you use your wood-burning fireplace often, we recommend having a professional come out to sweep and inspect it once a year, or every 36 fires, whichever comes first. We will sweep the inside of your chimney and use a camera to inspect the interior to assure you it is safe to use. We are a qualified chimney sweeping company with the Chimney Safety Institute of America.


chimney liner

Chimney Liners

The most common types of masonry chimney liners are clay tiles. Over time, these tiles break down causing cracks and the masonry is no longer protected from byproducts of combustion. We will install a stainless steel or aluminum liner to upgrade and repair existing chimneys


chimney rebuild and restoration

Rebuilding & Tuckpointing

Living in the western New York area, chimneys have to withstand extreme colds, rain and snow. Over time, the bricks and mortar will deteriorate, causing your chimney to crumble. We can fully remove your existing chimney and rebuild it back to the existing height.

The mortar of a chimney has a much shorter lifespan than the bricks or stone. When the mortar becomes damaged, the most cost effective way to repair it is through tuckpointing. If the mortar of the chimney deteriorates, the chimney can collapse and a complete rebuild will be necessary. The cost of a rebuild is much more expensive than repairing the mortar.


chimney cap

Caps & Dampers

Chimney caps keep unwanted things out of your chimney, reducing the chances of fires and deterioration. Caps also act as a spark arrestor keeping fiery embers inside and away from combustible material. We supply the highest quality caps designed for superior chimney protection and a secure fit.

Chimney dampers allow smoke to exit the chimney. We can install a new damper to ensure that your fireplace functions properly


chimney crown repair

Concrete Crowns

The chimney crown is the cement structure on top of the chimney. The bricks go up around the tile flue liners, but at the top you need something to stop the rain and snow from falling in around the tiles. Cracks in the chimney crown can occur from shifting of the structure or from shrinkage dating back to the first day the crown was put on.

One crack in your chimney crown can lead to water entering the interior of the chimney, which leads to brick and mortar breakdown. We will remove your existing chimney crown and construct a new, 4" concrete crown with bond break and drip edge.


leaky chimney

Leaky Chimney Repair

For homeowners the chimney is one of the most neglected features of the home. Many homes, especially in the Buffalo area, have a chimney that has been around for quite awhile and because of neglect, water is starting to enter the home through the chimney. A leaking chimney can be caused by a number of things. When our estimators come to look at the chimney, they will examine the bricks, mortar between the bricks, the flashing, the concrete crown or splay, and look to see if you need a chimney cap. Issues with any of these parts of your chimney can cause leaking.


gas fireplace service

We have a fireplace division of our company, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop. We have a brand new showroom with fireplace insert displays, gas logs sets, wood stoves and more. We are a member of the Northeast Hearth, Patio & Barbecue association and the National Fireplace Institute. Our technicians are fully trained in the installation and service of the lines we sell.


fireplace and stove install

Fireplace Remodeling

Are you looking to update your outdated fireplace? We can completely remodel your fireplace with stacked stone, new brick, a new mantel and more.