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Second Opinion On Chimney Repairs

Have you had chimney damage that you’re preparing to file as a claim with your homeowner’s insurance? Do you have a chimney damaged for reasons that aren’t covered by your insurance? In either case, the way you go about hiring the right chimney repair company is critically important.

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has served the Buffalo, NY, and Rochester, NY, regions since 1953 with expert chimney repair, inspection and cleaning services. We bid on a lot of jobs and provide many second (and third) opinions to help homeowners evaluate just what needs to be done to resolve their chimney issues in the best way possible.

Second Opinion for chimney repairs in NY

The Value of a Second Opinion

Not all chimney repair companies are created equal. While there are some good and credible companies and individuals who provide chimney services for insurance claims and general repair in other instances, other companies simply don’t have the experience and training to complete all jobs safely and correctly.

When you get the first quote for a chimney repair project, you’ll get a dollar amount or range and an outline of the various tasks involved. A single quote doesn’t really tell you much. It could be spot-on, but it also could be way off. A second opinion – just as with medical issues – can help you put the situation into perspective.

Insurance companies usually will require you to get at least two estimates for chimney repair or rebuilding work if the damage you’re experiencing is covered by their policy. It’s always smart to get at least two estimates, no matter who’s paying for the repairs.

Get an Appraisal from Chimney Repair Experts

Felgemacher’s experienced chimney technicians are happy to provide you with an additional estimate and appraisal of the work required to restore your chimney to safety and functionality. We’ll give you a second opinion and estimate for all chimney issues including:

  • Damaged masonry
  • Chimney leaks
  • Repair following a chimney fire
  • Repair following a lightning strike, wind damage or other weather events
  • Cracked chimney crowns
  • Flue obstructions and built-up creosote
  • Damaged chimney liners
  • Leaning chimney
  • Partial or complete chimney collapse
  • Backdrafts and venting problems

If our appraisal differs from one you’ve already received, we’ll explain the difference and show you why the tasks and costs in our estimate are necessary.

We may also be able to point out excess and unnecessary tasks and expenses included in estimates from other companies and save you a lot of money on the work.

Experience Counts

We aren’t here to criticize any chimney repair company that’s doing good business and helping people. But after almost 70 years in the New York chimney repair and masonry business, we’ve learned a thing or two that we believe sets us apart from most of the rest.

Homeowners have counted on the Felgemacher name for more than half a century to keep their chimneys running efficiently and to keep their homes and families safe. We take great pride in our work and our history, and we go that “extra mile” to continually expand our knowledge and expertise of chimney systems and the mechanics of venting and safety.

estimate for chimney repairs in Rochester NY

Along with thousands of hours of field experience, we hold a Certified Chimney Sweep designation with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the most stringent professional certification in the industry. Our chimney sweeps and repair technicians understand your chimney system inside and out and are committed to providing exactly what you need, when you need it.

If you’re looking for a critical second opinion or estimate for chimney repairs, count on the experience and professionalism of a third-generation, family-owned and family-operated company. We’re here to help you year-round.

If you live in the Buffalo, NY, area, speak with an expert at (716) 907-4914. In the Rochester, NY, area, call (585) 308-4914.