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Pittsford NY chimney repair

Families in Pittsford, NY, and towns throughout Monroe County, have trusted the certified masonry specialists at Felgemacher to provide honest, reliable, and affordable chimney repairs since 1953.

Keeping your home and family safe starts with the chimney. The chimney plays a vital role in removing smoke and contaminants from your home while enjoying the warmth of a fireplace or heating stove.

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The chimney includes several critical components such as brick or stone masonry, chimney flue liner, chimney cap, chimney crown, and chimney flashing, to name a few. Since many chimney problems are not easy for homeowners to spot, we recommend folks have an annual chimney inspection to determine chimney damage and needed repairs. It gives our technicians the ability to discover and fix minor problems early before they become more extensive, costly repairs.

Common Reasons for Chimney Repairs in Pittsford, NY

If your Pittsford chimney has any of the following common signs of damage, please give us a call to schedule a chimney inspection so we can fix it as soon as possible.

The chimney cap is broken or missing

When the chimney cap is damaged or missing, small animals, debris, and rainwater can get inside the chimney resulting in further repairs. Replacing a chimney cap is a quick and affordable chimney repair.

Chimney crown has cracks

The crown can develop hairline cracks due to age, weather damage, foundation settling, and rusting or missing chimney cap. Since moisture can seep through the tiniest cracks and accelerate the deterioration of internal masonry and components, chimney crown repair is a top priority.


Efflorescence is a white stain that appears across the surface of the brickwork. It occurs when water penetrates inside the brickwork drawing the salts to the surface. It is often the first sign that the masonry is absorbing moisture. After inspecting the masonry and making necessary repairs, waterproofing the chimney will protect it from future water damage.

Mortar joints are cracking or decaying

Mortar is the bonding material that cements the bricks. When it cracks or disintegrates, water gets in the voids accelerating masonry damage that can compromise the chimney’s structural integrity. Our tuckpointing repair can restore the chimney to a beautiful like-new condition when caught early.

Spalling bricks

The freezing rain, ice, and thawing conditions expected during the winter can eventually take their toll on the chimney, causing the bricks to flake, crumble, or spall. It is essential to repair and replace damaged or missing bricks to avoid partial or complete chimney rebuilding.

The walls and ceiling around the chimney have water stains or peeling paint

This is typically a sign that the flashing, the sheet metal that seals the seams where the chimney meets the roof, is worn or rusting. Improper flashing installation can also result in chimney leaks.

Flue liner cracks

Age, improper chimney cleaning, moisture, and chimney fires can cause the flue liner to crack or burst. If you notice clay pieces in the fireplace, the liner may need repair or replacement.

Damper rust

A rusted damper usually means water leaks in the chimney. Rust can also prevent the damper from operating correctly. It reduces energy efficiency, which increases heating and cooling costs.

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Pittsford NY Certified Chimney Repairs

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is a local family-owned and operated chimney services company. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled chimney repairs for Pittsford homeowners using the latest state-of-the-art technology and Certified Chimney Professionals. Our full-service chimney repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Masonry repairs/tuckpointing
  • Chimney cap replacement and chimney chase cover repair/installation
  • Chimney crown repair/rebuilding
  • Flashing repair/replacement
  • Chimney leak repair
  • Chimney liner repair/relining
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Fireplace damper repair/installation
  • Chimney waterproofing

Call the Pittsford Chimney Repair Experts Near You Today

The certified chimney repair technicians at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney provide top-quality chimney repair services in Pittsford, NY, East Rochester, Fairport, Henrietta, Penfield, and surrounding Monroe County communities. Call (585) 308-4914 or visit us online to schedule an appointment today!