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Chimney & Fireplace Service Irondequoit NY

Throughout Irondequoit, NY, homeowners trust the expertise of Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney for the very best in chimney sweeping, repairs, rebuilding and inspections. We’ve been in business since 1953. Here’s how we can help you.

 Chimney repair and rebuilding services in Irondequoit NYChimney Repairs & Rebuilding

We offer Irondequoit, NY, homeowners a full line of chimney repairs and rebuilding services, including:

  • Masonry repair – tuckpointing,
  • Partial & complete chimney rebuilding
  • Chimney liner repair and installation 
  • Chimney cap, Chimney crown and chase top repair and replacement
  • Chimney flashing installation
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Fireplace damper repair and replacement

Chimney Sweep Irondequoit

Chimney sweeping on an annual basis is important to rid your chimney flue of flammable creosote, which causes most reported chimney fires in and around Irondequoit each year.

Proper chimney sweeping also removes leaves, twigs, animal nests and other debris that can block drafting and send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide into your home. Have your chimney cleaned once a year for safety and performance.

Chimney Inspections

Felgemacher provides licensed emergency and routine chimney inspections by trained professionals to:

  • Spot and diagnose early signs of damage and malfunction
  • Inspect the chimney when the home is being sold (includes video camera inspections)
  • Ensure that the chimney will operate safely after altering the system or adding a new appliance
  • Understand exactly what’s happening when major damage is known to exist

Call us for CSIA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 chimney inspections.

Chimney Liners

A damaged chimney liner can allow intense heat and flames to escape and come into contact with nearby materials of your home. It can also release carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustion gases.

We can sometimes repair a liner, but in many cases it’s best to replace it with a top-quality UL-listed stainless-steel liner that will give you many years of solid protection.

Chimney Caps & Chimney Chase Tops

The top of your Irondequoit chimney needs to be shielded from rain, snow, tree debris and small animals. Moisture can cause widespread chimney and house damage. Debris and animal nests can create serious flue blockages.

Felgemacher repairs and installs chimney caps and chimney chase tops to protect your flue. For masonry chimneys, we recommend full-width custom chimney caps, which cover not only the flue opening but also the vulnerable chimney crown.

Fireplace insert and stoves sales in Irondequoit NYIrondequoit NY Fireplace & Stove Sales & Installation

Looking for the perfect manufactured fireplace, fireplace insert, free-standing stove or gas log set? Our experts at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop will help you understand our top quality products' specs and features so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your Irondequoit home. Our crew will then install your new appliance in accordance with state and local building and fire-safety codes. It will look great, and you’ll be delighted.

Contact Your NY Chimney Experts

The Felgemacher crew is ready to help with all your chimney and fireplace needs. Reach an Irondequoit, New York, chimney expert today at (585) 308-4914 or use our handy contact form. Visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop at 2727 Broadway, Suite 5, in Cheektowaga, NY.