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Update Fireplace Surround with Whitewash

fireplace surround remodel, buffalo nyTo update your fireplace, all you need to know is how to update your fireplace surround with whitewash. Neither demolition nor renovation are needed to bring your fireplace into the 21st century. Whether a more aesthetically pleasing fireplace is intended for your own winter enjoyment or to help sell your home, see the following tips on how to whitewash a fireplace.

Important Prep

There is likely no need to give the masonry a major cleaning before you begin to apply whitewash, but a basic wipe-down to remove dust is recommended.

Be aware that painting masonry can result in flecks of splattered paint being inadvertently flung halfway across the room. Cover the entire floor around the hearth as well as furniture anywhere in the vicinity. To protect your floors, securely tape down a waterproof drop cloth of some kind. Basically, cover anything in the room you don’t want to be ruined by paint splatters or drips.

Supplies to Whitewash a Stone or Brick Fireplace

Whitewash is simply a mixture of paint with water added. The ratio of paint and water can be adjusted to create different looks. Whether you are updating a stone fireplace or a brick fireplace surround, it’s a job you can get done over a weekend and perhaps even in a single day. The following are among the supplies needed to whitewash a fireplace:

  • A plastic drop cloth for the floor
  • Painters’ Tape
  • Coverings for furniture within 4 feet of the fireplace
  • White paint, whether it is interior or exterior paint
  • Possibly a neutral color such as gray or beige, as well
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Something to stir your whitewash solution, such as a paint stirring stick
  • A large paintbrush
  • Towels or rags, which will be used for wiping the painted masonry

Step-by-Step Instructions to Whitewash Your Fireplace

Step 1

First, prep the area, as directed above.

Step 2 – which has various options

For a more translucent appearance of the whitewash, pour 1 part white paint and 4 parts water into the bucket. For a more substantial whitewash effect, go with equal parts white paint and water.

On a stone fireplace, adding some gray paint to the mix could add more dimension to the masonry. You may want to use beige, instead, depending on which hue will do a better job of enhancing the overall design of the room while also bringing out the best in your masonry fireplace.

Step 3

Use the paint stirrer to mix the whitewash materials. Note that the mixture is very watery, as it should be.

Step 4

Be prepared to work quickly to get the entire brick surface painted.

Starting at the top of the fireplace surround or the top of the area to be painted, apply the whitewash using a large paintbrush. Be careful to ensure that mortar lines are well-covered, as well.

Step 5

If you want a somewhat transparent finish, with each application of paint, immediately wipe the area with a rag or towel. For more complete coverage of the bricks or stones, only quickly wipe away drips.

Optional Step 6

After completing the whitewash of your masonry fireplace surround, step back and decide whether a second coat of paint is needed to achieve the look you want. If so, repeat steps 4 and 5.

Step 7

After you’ve finished applying the whitewash as desired and after you are sure the whitewash mixture is no longer dripping, remove the protective floor covering. Be ready and quickly wipe away any wet whitewash solution that may have seeped through to your flooring.

Step 8

Allow the fireplace to dry for at least a few hours.

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