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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace

gas fireplace insert, webster nyIt’s the time of year when families in Williamsville and throughout Western New York look forward to the warmth of the fireplace. The soothing crackling sounds of burning logs in the background comfort those cold wintry days and nights. However, fireplaces are more than a source of heating. They are an essential centerpiece that is the focal point of the living space.

In the last decade, the fireplace industry has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Fireplace designs have been modernized to keep up with the latest interior design trends. In addition, technology has improved, increasing performance and efficiency while reducing carbon emissions to near zero. Installations have also been streamlined, making upgrading your fireplace more effortless and affordable than ever. So, if your fireplace is more than ten years old, it’s time to upgrade the fireplace.

Improve Performance and Efficiency

Traditional wood-burning and gas fireplaces are not very efficient. Approximately 85% to 90% of the generated heat is lost through the chimney, wasting 85 to 90 cents on every $1 spent on energy. Upgrading to a modern wood or gas fireplace insert changes the game. These new high-performance heating appliances contain the heat inside a sealed firebox eliminating drafts. A blower motor radiates heat throughout your home. With heating efficiency ratings of 70 percent and higher, an upgraded fireplace will provide ample warmth for your entire living space.

Easier And More Convenient

New fireplaces are easier to maintain and more convenient to light. A built-in electronic ignition system makes lighting the fireplace as easy as pushing a button. You can also control the flames, adjust the heat, and operate the fireplace remotely from your recliner or sofa. Also, it only requires minimal maintenance eliminating the need for heavy-duty cleanings that a traditional fireplace requires.

Lower Carbon Emissions

In 2020, a New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) of the Clean Air Act was issued requiring all new wood heating appliances sold in the US to meet the stricter 2.5 grams per hour emissions limit, a 50% reduction from the 2015 standard. In contrast, a traditional wood-burning fireplace emits over 50 grams per hour of carbon pollution into the atmosphere. With the substantial reduction in carbon emissions, upgrading to a new EPA-certified wood or gas fireplace will improve the air quality around your home and in your community.

Complement Interior Décor

Upgrading your fireplace is the easiest way to give your fireplace a much-needed facelift without the hassle of major construction. When you visit the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Buffalo, you will see that we offer a wide selection of fireplaces in many different styles, from contemporary to traditional, that will complement your interior décor. Plus, our trained experts can assist with any questions you may have and arrange for delivery and professional installation.

gas fireplace insert, buffalo ny

Increase Home Value

Today’s home buyers are more energy conscious and prefer homes with environmentally friendly features, so traditional fireplaces don’t increase property values as much as they did in the past.

However, upgrading to an energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing fireplace with minimal carbon emissions can increase your home’s value by as much as $12,000, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Western New York Fireplace Installations 

Whether it’s time to upgrade your fireplace or you want to add a fireplace to your Rochester home, our National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified technicians will help you select the perfect heating appliance for your home.

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