Of All The Reasons To Install A Fireplace, These Are Our Top 5
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5 Reasons to Install a New Fireplace

Have you been thinking about bringing home a lovely new fireplace? You’re not alone. Here are five popular reasons why so many homeowners are moving up to better heating and more elegance with powerful gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

install a fireplace, lewiston ny1. Ambience

A fireplace adds a special touch of elegance and refinement to any home. The aesthetic value is two-fold:

Design: Modern wood and gas fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, finishes and designs. They’re beautiful to look at, whether they’re in use or not. It’s easy to find the perfect model to accent your décor.

Fire: Few things are as comforting and soothing on a cold winter night (or day!) as a flickering fire in your fireplace. Both wood and gas fireplaces bring the visual appeal of dancing flames; with wood, you get the extra benefit of logs crackling and sizzling.

In their earliest application, fireplaces were purely sources of heat. Today, they’re also sources of unique elegance.

2. Supplemental heating

Adding a new fireplace will help you lower your heating bills and reduce your dependence on your central heating system. Gas and wood fireplaces come in a range of BTU outputs and heating efficiencies, allowing you to install the perfect unit to give you the heat you need for the area you wish to heat.

People who have used traditional masonry fireplaces for many years are surprised by the power and effectiveness of modern gas-burning and wood-burning fireplaces. Zero-clearance, or “ZC,” fireplaces, pre-built and ready to install, let you enjoy far more of the heat they produce than open masonry fireplaces.

3. Easy installation

The fireplace you purchase can be installed in just about any wall within your home. Its heavy-duty insulation and safety features allow it to be placed very close to wall boards, insulation, wiring and flooring without risk of fire or other damage.

Unlike having a full-scale masonry fireplace constructed, zero-clearance models require no major modifications to your home. They also don’t require the building of a chimney as they vent through their own vent pipes.

4. Zone heating

Today’s versatile fireplaces are perfect for zone heating in smaller rooms. You can find units appropriate for kitchens, bedrooms, dens, workshops and even bathrooms.

Gas fireplaces are especially valued as zone-heating appliances because they’re so easy to get started and turn off when you no longer need the heat.

install a fireplace, grand island, ny5. Upgrade from a current masonry fireplace

Traditional masonry fireplaces may look nice, but they’ve never been the greatest at producing heat for your home. These fireplaces typically carry heat-efficiency ratings of just 10% to 20%, meaning 80% or more of the heat they generate is lost up the chimney.

Factory-built gas and wood fireplaces, on the other hand, are made to conserve heat. Depending on the fuel and model, a new ZC fireplace can come with a heat-efficiency rating of 85% and even higher. There simply is no comparison between the two types of fireplaces.

We have the fireplace you’re looking for

These are just some of the reasons homeowners give for installing a new wood or gas fireplace. Stop by Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Cheektowaga, NY, and learn about more the values and benefits of today’s exceptionally crafted wood and gas fireplaces. Visit our showroom at 2727 Broadway Suite 5, or reach us by phone at (716) 482-1820.

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