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Fireplace & Stove Upgrades & Remodeling

Spring and summer are great seasons for scheduling a hearth upgrade. Once your fireplace or stove has cooled off after the last burn in winter, spend time getting the fireplace or heating stove setup that you have always wanted. When the cold season comes back around, you will surely thank yourself.

fireplace remodel in Rochester NYOutdated Fireplace

Are you looking to update your outdated fireplace? At Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, we can completely remodel your fireplace with stacked stone, new brick, a new mantel and more. Our company has a fireplace division, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop. In our brand-new showroom, you can see fireplace insert displays, gas log sets, wood stoves and more.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Our trained technicians at Felgemacher can install a fireplace insert that has up to 80% heating efficiency. An insert is a custom-built, enclosed firebox unit made to fit inside your existing masonry or pre-fab fireplace. The closed combustion system will provide enough heat that you can turn off central heating while staying toasty. More benefits of wood-burning fireplace inserts follow:

  • Up to 3,000 square feet of your home can be heated with a single fireplace insert.

  • Due to the innovative design of fireplace inserts, a wood-burning insert can provide up to five hours of heat before there’s a need to add more firewood.

  • The cost of heating can be cut by up to 40% when you switch to using a fireplace insert in winter.

  • When firewood is burned in a fireplace insert, more than three times the heat is provided using three times less firewood.

Many Gas Fireplace Insert Styles

While contemplating a fireplace upgrade, be sure to look at the many styles of gas fireplaces. At Felgemacher, we offer a stunning selection of gas fireplace inserts that could complement any décor, including modern, rustic, contemporary, and elegant. You can choose gas logs or display flames on colored glass accents.

vent free gas log setGas Log Sets

Our Felgemacher Fireplace Shop has beautiful gas log sets that look incredibly realistic. Options are numerous and include faux Aspen timbers, pecan logs, driftwood, classic oak, western pine, and many more. There are even variations in the way wood is stacked. Gone are the days when a gas fireplace was a compromise due to fake-looking logs. Now you can enjoy the convenience of instant flames with a gas fireplace plus the appearance of realistic, hand-sculpted logs


Heating Stove Upgrade

EPA-approved heating stoves offer upgrades in efficiency and appearance, especially compared to the stoves of days gone by. You get the same benefits with gas and wood stoves that you would enjoy with a fireplace upgrade, like better heat efficiency and a more personalized appearance. It’s smart to get started on your heating stove upgrade without delay. Check out our beautiful selection of gas and wood heating stoves at our new showroom.

Fireplace & Stove Installation

To ensure safe operation and optimal efficiency, fireplace inserts and stoves must be installed by professionals. Our techs at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney are fully trained in the installation and service of the lines of heating appliances we sell. We are a member of the Northeast Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association and the National Fireplace Institute. Call us today! Contact details follow.

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