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What You Need To Know For Fireplace Resurfacing

So, you are ready for a refresher in your living room. You have painted, changed the carpeting, and have bought new furniture. Something is still not right. You have done so much to the room, but it still feels dated. You hadn’t touched the fireplace. It is time to resurface your fireplace and bring it up to date.

Fireplace resurfacing in Rochester NY

Homeowners have many options for resurfacing. You can have someone install it for you or you may choose to do it yourself. Depending on your comfort level with DIY projects. There are different degrees of difficulty. You can use a prefab stone and attach it to the surface. Or you can use cement or stucco if you have the experience to tackle a job like this.

Let Us Discuss Some Of The Options You Have.

  • Wood- You can bring in a rustic look with wood. Many homeowners enjoy the look and feel of wood. There are many different types of wood you can choose. Simple paneling or thin boards work to cover an old surface. Prices may vary from $1 per foot for common pine up to $12 per foot for Mahogany or Walnut. Be aware of the local fire codes when resurfacing a fireplace with wood. There may be restrictions in your town. How close to a burning fire the wood can be. Contact your local building authority and get all the details.
  • Masonry- The look of stone or brick is timeless. Many options of veneer look just like the real thing. Although much lighter and easy to work with. Depending on the design, you may pay between $5 to $15 per square foot.  
  • Tile- Similar to what you might have as a backsplash in your kitchen, tile can be very easy to install. You can find any color or design that fits your decor. Tile will run you anywhere from $1 a square foot to $15 per square foot. This will depend on the tile that you choose.
  • Stone- Many options are available in different types of stone. You can choose from granite, quartz, slate, soapstone and more. These options are similar to what you may have in your kitchen or bathroom. Stone is a more expensive option. It will run anywhere from $50 per square foot for quartz and granite and $70 per square foot for slate and soapstone.
  • Concrete or Stucco- Probably the least expensive. The powder bags combined with water will make the concrete. It will cost about $9 a bag and will cover about 25 square feet. 

Refreshing your chimney with a resurfacing job in buffalo NYAs you can see there are so many options to update your existing fireplace with resurfacing. Whether you feel confident enough to do it yourself or contact a professional. Please reach out to Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney we can help with your decision. You can reach us in the Buffalo area at 716-907-4914 or in Rochester at 585-308-4914,

We’ve been helping folks throughout the Buffalo NY and Rochester NY areas get the most out of their fireplace inserts, stoves, and chimneys for more than 60 years. When specialized chimney service is required, count on us for the best in chimney sweep, chimney repair, chimney rebuilding and chimney inspection.