Why You Should Have A Fireplace Screen in Your Home
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Why Your Fireplace Needs a Screen

Walk down just about any neighborhood in downtown Rochester or Buffalo on a snowy winter day, and you will see puffs of smoke like floating clouds flowing out of chimneys as the scent of burning wood fills the crisp morning air. The warmth of your gas or wood-burning fireplace inside the house will take the chill out of your bones. The flames themselves can also be mesmerizing. However, as you enjoy your beautiful fireplace, it is vital to remember to take safety precautions, which is why your fireplace needs a protective steel mesh screen.

Mesh Fireplace Screens, Rochester NYWhat is the Purpose of a Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen is an essential fire prevention and safety device. It contains sparks from flying embers in the fireplace and prevents children and pets from accidental burns. An open fire is dangerous for pets and children. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, pets accidentally start more than 1,000 home fires when a pet gets too close to the fireplace, and a spark could ignite their fur coat. In addition, a house fire can also cause severe injuries to the animal.

Does My Gas Fireplace Need a Screen?

Yes, a steel mesh screen is necessary, even if you have a gas fireplace or heating stove. In 2015, Federal safety regulations were updated, requiring manufacturers of gas fireplaces and heating stoves to install a fireplace screen. The glass viewing area is very hot. Getting too close to the fireplace and accidentally bumping into or touching the glass may result in severe burns. Installing a fireplace screen allows everyone in your family to safely enjoy the warmth of a gas fireplace or heating stove.

Types of Fireplace Screens

Many types of fireplace screens are available in various decorative designs, sizes, and even shapes that will give your fireplace a personal touch while allowing you to watch the spectacular flames safely. Installing a steel mesh screen in front of the fireplace opening will also protect your home and family from the heat and flying sparks that could result in a fire or injury. Here are some of the types of fireplace screens you will find at the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Buffalo:

  • Decorative screens
  • Single panel screens
  • Three-panel screens
  • Four-panel screens
  • Screens with or without doors
  • Child safety screens

Fireplace Screen, Rochester NY

Screen or No Screen

Many folks prefer the open fire of a wood-burning fireplace. The crackling sounds, fresh aroma, and warm air are hard to resist. However, operating an open fireplace without a protective screen is risky. All it takes is one ember to fly out of the fireplace, land on a nearby combustible object, like carpeting, furniture, etc., and start a fire that can quickly spread around your house.
Also, as a homeowner, your homeowner’s insurance policy may deny your claim if a fire or injury results from a failure to take safety precautions. Fireplace screens are inexpensive to increase safety without obstructing your fireplace wood-burning experience. Does your fireplace need a screen? From masonry fireplace repair and inserts to heating stoves and accessories, the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop has everything your hearth desires. Visit us at 2727 Broadway, Suite 5 in Buffalo.

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