What Fire-Safety Practices Should You Be Focusing On?
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10 Fire-Safety Practices Everyone Should Know

fire-safety practices, buffalo nyFire-safety awareness is important in every home, and especially in homes that use fireplaces. Here are 10 tips on fire safety to protect your home and family.

1. Have an evacuation plan

Should a fire start in your home, you want to know ahead of time how everyone will get out safely. Develop an evacuation plan and make sure everyone knows how to follow it.

2. Install smoke detectors

Smoke detectors placed in rooms throughout your home can be life-savers. Install the detectors high on walls or the ceiling (because smoke rises), and as a precaution, replace the batteries annually.



3. Keep fire extinguishers handy

Small fires can easily be put out with a fire extinguisher. Make sure all adults and older children know how to use these devices.

4. Don’t smoke in bed – or anywhere if you’re tired

Nobody expects to fall asleep while smoking in bed, but it happens all the time. Make it a habit to simply never smoke in bed. Also, avoid smoking if you’re tired and sleepy, no matter where in the house you are.

5. Don’t leave the house with a fire burning in it

This goes for fires on your stovetop as well as fires in your fireplace. Live flames can be unpredictable – until they connect with the wrong material or surface. Then they become very predictable.

6. Have your fireplace inspected

Annual fireplace inspections will let you know about early signs of malfunction or damage so you can get it fixed fast. Gas fireplaces should have their lines and components looked at, while wood-burning fireplaces need a thorough firebox inspection.

7. Use only wood in your fireplace

Never use accelerants such as lighter fluid, charcoal starter or kerosene to get a fire started. These substances can explode and will burn much hotter than normal wood does, which is the only material suitable for fireplaces.

chimney inspection, rochester ny8. Have your chimney inspected

Masonry damage and damage to the chimney liner can set the stage for a fire. Chimneys should be inspected once per year so that they remain working in a safe
and efficient manner.

9. Chimney cleaning

Many house fires every year start in chimneys that are full of flammable creosote, which builds up every time a wood fire burns. Yearly chimney sweep services by a licensed, certified chimney technician will dramatically reduce this serious fire hazard.

10. Keep items away from the fireplace

Make sure there is a safe zone in front of your fireplace to avoid damage to items and a possible fire. Leaping sparks and embers are enough to cause a fire on furnishings and rugs. Train younger children to not play near the fireplace. A sturdy fireplace screen can help protect kids, pets and your home.

Following these and common sense tips will help in keeping your home and family fire-safe.

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