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7 Reasons You Should Consider a New Gas Fireplace

Everybody loves a fireplace, but not everybody loves a fireplace that performs poorly and requires a lot of time and expense to keep running. If you’re ready for an upgrade from your big, open masonry fireplace and a more comfortable and easy life, here are seven reasons you should take a close look at modern gas fireplaces.

ZC gas fireplace install1. Gas fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere

Zero-clearance gas fireplaces, which you purchase through a fireplace retailer, are amazingly safe and easy to install in any wall in your home. These high-heat producers are heavily insulated and can be placed right next to wall boards, insulation, flooring and other home materials without the risk of fire.

2. ZC gas fireplaces bring on the heat

Today’s EPA-approved gas-burning fireplaces produce far more heat than the average masonry wood-burning fireplace. Compare the efficiency ratings: masonry fireplaces usually rate between 10% and 20%, and often lower. Gas ZC fireplaces receive ratings of 70%, and often much higher. This percentage tells you how much of the heat produced will stay in the home instead of going up the chimney or vent pipe.

3. Choose gas for ultimate convenience

If you’ve ever used a little space heater, you know how easy it is to operate a gas fireplace. Simple controls turn it on and off and adjust the heat level. As to cleaning and maintenance, you won’t be shoveling out piles of ashes, sweeping up unsightly wood chips and paying a professional to remove flammable creosote from your vent system every year. Periodic wiping down and an annual checkup from a certified fireplace technician is about all that’s required.

4. Brands America trusts

Zero-clearance gas fireplaces are available from the top manufacturers in the hearth industry – names that American homeowners have trusted for years. When you purchase a new gas fireplace from American Hearth, Majestic, Enviro or Marquis, for example, you know you’re getting the very best in workmanship, safety, performance and warranty protection.

5. Gorgeous visuals

Gas-burning fireplaces also bring your home a lot of elegance and beauty. Many designs, styles, colors, finishes and sizes are available to perfectly suit your decorative tastes. The flames in modern gas fireplaces leap through faux logs that look remarkably like real cut wood. In fact, it’s often hard to tell the difference at first – and second – glance.

gas burning fireplace in buffalo ny6. No chimney required

You won’t have to worry about building a chimney to vent a zero-clearance gas fireplace. These appliances come with their own vent system that feeds conveniently through the closest wall.

7. Zone heating for smaller rooms

Finally, because of the range of sizes available, gas fireplaces are perfect for heating smaller rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, dens, workshops and even bathrooms. Get into zone heating and cut the cost of your utility bills.

If a new gas fireplace sounds like the right choice for you, visit Felgemacher Fireplace Shop at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga, NY. Our helpful staff will show you all the beautiful options, and our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, will install your new appliance safely and properly. If you live anywhere in the Buffalo or Rochester regions, pay us a visit, or call (716) 482-1820.