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Chimney Sweep In Hamburg NY | Certified Chimney Cleaning For A Safe & Efficient Chimney

Hamburg NY chimney sweep

Hamburg is a town that has a lot more going on than meets the eye. Glen Meadows Park, Southtowns Fitness Center, Hamburg Gaming, Hamburg Brewing Company and so much more keep life interesting and exciting.

Homeowners here who have chimneys don’t consider them to be all that exciting – as long as they’re properly maintained. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has served Hamburg, NY, for more than 60 years with the expert chimney sweep services they need to keep their chimneys very non-exciting.

Chimney cleaning in Hamburg NYChimney Sweep for Safety

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. The experienced Felgemacher crew uses industry-grade equipment and leading-edge technical know-how to remove flammable creosote and draft-hindering obstructions from your chimney.

Why do you need chimney cleaning? Mainly to ensure that your chimney works safely and to reduce the chance of a chimney fire.

Creosote forms in your flue every time you use your wood-burning fireplace. Highly flammable, creosote is responsible for most chimney fires in the Hamburg region every year.

Another reason to hire a chimney sweep is to have debris such as leaves, twigs, and the nests of small animals removed from your flue. This material narrows the flue passage and can cause smoke and deadly carbon monoxide to back up into your Hamburg home. (Solve the debris problem by having us install a custom full-width chimney cap.)

The tools of our chimney sweep trade include:

• Flat wire chimney cleaning brushes
• Hand scrubbers
• Chimney sweep rods
• Cable deglazer whips & chain whips
• Stainless steel brushes
• Specialized cleaning solvents
• Industrial vacuums

Have You had a Chimney Fire?

Most people will answer no to this question, but the fact is, many chimney fires are small, and they start and go out on their own without anybody being aware of it.

If you notice black staining around the top of your exterior chimney, or if you see flecks and chunks of burnt material showing up in your firebox, the cause may be a previous chimney fire.

Signs of an active chimney fire include:

• Clicking and tapping noises coming from your fireplace
• The sound of deep rumbling, like from a distant train
• Large amounts of dense, dark smoke coming from either end of your chimney

chimney inspection in Hamburg NY

If you notice any of these signs, call 911 immediately, put out the fire in the fireplace (if you can do so safely), and get all people and pets out of the house.

What’s a Good Schedule for Chimney Sweep Services?

For most homeowners who regularly use a wood-burning fireplace, we recommend chimney sweeping once a year. This way, there are never long periods of time for creosote to build up.

It’s a smart move to schedule a chimney inspection at the same time you’re having your chimney cleaned. Felgemacher provides licensed chimney inspections ranging from basic inspections and real estate inspections to very involved inspections when major chimney damage is present.


Hamburg Chimney Sweep for a Safe & Efficient Chimney

When it’s time to have your chimney cleaned, contact the local experts at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney. Reach us at (716) 907-4914 or get in touch through our convenient contact form.

Our service area includes Hamburg NY, along with the greater Buffalo NY region, Eden NY, Pinehurst NY, Mount Vernon NY, Orchard Park NY, Colden NY, and other local communities.