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The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert

Do you currently have a fireplace but are tired of the required upkeep and maintenance? While there is no doubt that traditional wood-burning fireplaces provide a special charm and authenticity, the good news is that there are several other options that provide benefits you may be interested in. From wood-burning inserts to electric or gas, there is a solution for any taste and budget. Since fireplace inserts have grown in popularity recently, more and more options have hit the market.

fireplace inserts in Tonawanda NYNot convinced yet? Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of a fireplace insert. 


Are you tired of going out and collecting wood to burn and maintain a fire? If you answered yes, then an insert is likely an option you may want to consider — especially a gas or electric option. The number one benefit for many homeowners is that it can be turned on and off by the simple click of a button or turn of a dial. You don’t sacrifice the real fire look and feel, but don’t have to maintain it throughout the night. 

Relatively inexpensive to install and maintain

If you have a fireplace already installed in your home, adding an insert is a relatively inexpensive install. The space is already designed and constructed; you’ll only have to purchase the insert and heating source connection (electric or gas). On top of that, the maintenance for inserts is significantly less. While it’s still important to have professional eyes on it regularly, it’s less than needed for traditional fireplaces. There is no ash to clean or creosote to control which leads to fewer maintenance and cleaning bills.

More efficient heating source & lower heating bill

One of the biggest benefits homeowners can enjoy with inserts is a significantly more efficient system. They’re noted to be as much as 80% efficiency, compared to the 5-10% homeowners with traditional fireplaces experience. How? Inserts provide a better sealing process which leads to fewer drafts and all around a warmer room. This is clearly a massive improvement which can and will translate to your electric bill if you use your fireplace as a heating source. 

Be more environmentally conscious 

Emissions are a growing concern and something many people are more conscious of. Some inserts are EPA-certified and drastically reduce emissions. This can be an added benefit if you are concerned about your environmental impact. 

fireplace insert installations in Buffalo, NY

Reinvent your living area

Lastly, if you’re looking to improve or change up your style, a new insert can modernize a room. There are styles that can fit any look or desired style and budget so it is something that homeowners can have fun with. 

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