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A chimney technician, after inspecting your chimney in winter, may have already let you know that chimney repairs are needed. Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home with a fireplace. These are among the many scenarios in which scheduling a professional chimney inspection, chimney maintenance, or chimney repairs should be considered a top spring project. Summers are busy seasons for trusted family-run chimney companies like Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney.

Brighton NY Chimney inspectionAvoid Scheduling Woes

Our chimney sweeps are trained professionals who typically have tight schedules in summer as homeowners prepare for the cold weather that’s just around the corner. Sometimes in summer, we have a series of large jobs that require major chimney repairs. Anyone who puts off scheduling needed chimney repairs or a chimney inspection could have a long wait or an inconvenient appointment time. It’s an advantage to have chimney sweep services scheduled at a time convenient to you, especially when you know repairs are needed.

Chimney Repair Delays

When you schedule a chimney inspection, the most important benefit is to have time to get problems fixed before winter. It’s tough to tell what happened during the most recent cold New York season. Creosote deposits could be on the verge of clogging up the flue. Moisture could have gotten into your chimney system, requiring masonry repairs or mortar replacement. If you wait until it’s practically fall, top chimney sweeps like Felgemacher may be booked solid. The first cold snap could arrive while you’re still waiting on major chimney repairs.

Fireplace in a New Home

New homeowners who light their fireplaces without first scheduling a chimney inspection often find out it was a grave error. Chimney fires that lead to house fires occur every year by the thousands, and the biggest cause is using a fireplace when the chimney hadn’t been properly maintained. Assuming that everything is fine and building a fire without verifying the safety of the venting system puts homes and families at risk.

Routine Chimney Maintenance

A chimney cleaning in spring offers several benefits. Having the creosote and soot deposits removed will help to prevent odors in your home during the humidity of summer. Cleaning by a chimney sweep can also prevent corrosion from occurring as a result of the mix of humidity and creosote.

During a chimney inspection, chimney professionals could discover that the flue has damage. It is an important safety issue to have the flue repaired or replaced if even a small amount of damage exists.

Chimney Case Cover installation in Lewiston, NYCommon Types of Chimney Repairs

Diagnostics and repair of chimney leaks, chimney crown repair, and tuckpointing are the most common types of chimney repairs we typically perform in spring. These things and others are needed for more than a few of our customers. Under constant assault from moisture and extreme weather conditions on the exterior as well as intense heat inside the flue, chimneys are far more vulnerable to damage than many homeowners realize.

Contact Trusted Chimney Sweeps

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has been serving New York homeowners for over 60 years, and our dedication to providing excellent chimney maintenance and repair services hasn’t diminished in the least. Get a jump on the busy season for chimney services by scheduling an appointment in spring. Call us in our Buffalo or Rochester office today