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Will My Chimney Need Relined With A New Furnace?  

There is no doubt that a healthy functioning chimney liner is very important to your chimney. It will protect you from toxic fumes coming into your home. Carbon monoxide is one of these toxic combustible fumes that can seep into your home. This can be very dangerous to your health and can cause death. Without a healthy chimney liner, you run the risk of a chimney fire. 

Furnace maintenance and installations in Tonawanda NYYou may ask when the right time is to replace your chimney liner. Is it when you see visible damage, or deterioration or it is not functioning as it should be? A good time to replace your chimney liner is when you are replacing your furnace or water heater. New units are much more efficient than they have been in the past. For these newer appliances to run the chimney must be large enough to rid the area of exhaust. But the liner must be small enough to not lose all the warmth from your home. So, if you are in the market for a new furnace, you should invest in a new liner as well. Not only for a perfect fit but for efficiency as well.

There are three different types of liners. Stainless steel, cast-in-place liner, and clay tile. Let’s talk about each option.


A stainless steel liner is the most popular of them all. A stainless-steel liner is often used if you have a prefabricated fireplace or when you are installing a new insert. They are up to all standards and codes. Experts say that a stainless-steel liner is easier to install than the other options. A stainless-steel liner will connect to your new appliance. 

Cast-in-Place Liner

If you have a masonry fireplace, this may be the best option for you. By pumping a similar product to concrete around the former liner it forms a new liner. This is inserted down the entire length of the existing chimney. Once the new liner is set, the old liner is removed. This provides a smooth, seamless, and insulated chimney liner. A cast-in-place liner is also a great option if you are experiencing structural issues. Contact Felgemacher Masonry to learn about your options.

Clay Liner

A clay liner is used with new home builds or if you are installing a new fireplace altogether. They tend to be less expensive, and their lifespan is quite long. It is not recommended to use a clay liner in a replacement situation. It is quite challenging to insert them into an existing unit.

stainless steel chimney liner in Williamsville, NYWhat To Expect for the Longevity of My New Liner?

You can expect your clay or Cast-In-Place liner to last you about 50 years. The stainless-steel liner from 50-100 years. Of course, the quality and grade of the product do determine its duration of life. It is always advisable to buy what is in your budget but be sure it is of good quality. Contact Felgemacher Masonry for some expert advice as to what is best for your home and budget.

We can be reached by calling 716-907-4914 in the Buffalo area or 585-308-4914 in the Rochester area. We are here to help you with all your chimney needs.

Along with the professional installation of gas and wood fireplace inserts, the Felgemacher team provides many other important hearth-related services.