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Why Chimney Flashing is One of Your Chimney’s Most Critical Components

Chimney flashing often is one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things. You never see it unless you climb up on your roof, it doesn’t make noise, and as long as it works as it should, you don’t even know it’s there. When it stops working as it should, that’s when some serious problems Read more

Pay Attention to Crumbling Chimney Bricks & Mortar

Older chimneys and those that have suffered damage often show signs of crumbling within the masonry. Bricks crack and dislodge, mortar joints decay, and leave gaps. When you catch these problems early, you can prevent potentially serious and unsafe operating conditions down the line. Even if your chimney has been damaged for some time and has Read more

The Dangers of Neglecting Chimney Maintenance and How to Prevent Them

When your chimney is working properly, it provides safe and efficient drafting of smoke and toxins from your fireplace. Keeping a chimney in great shape isn’t difficult. A couple annual maintenance tasks and repair work when needed will do the trick in most cases. If these services are neglected, you could end up facing a Read more

Hiring a Chimney Sweep & What to Expect During an Inspection

The primary job of a chimney sweep is to clean chimney flues. Many of these professionals also perform chimney inspections and repair work. When hiring someone for any of these tasks, it’s important to contract with a person or company with the proper skill, training, equipment and verifiable credentials. Here are some tips for hiring Read more

Chimney Maintenance Tips for Years of Top Performance

Most people don’t give a second thought to their chimneys – until the chimneys start breaking down and causing problems. No chimney will last forever, but there are ways to keep yours running safely and optimally for years. Here are some chimney maintenance tips you’ll want to know. Water + masonry = bad recipe Water Read more

How Can I Tell What Kind of Fireplace I Have?

People often move into a home that has a “fireplace,” and they just start using and enjoying it without any thought to what kind of fireplace it is. Yes, there are several different appliances/setups that can rightly be called a fireplace. The reason to know what kind you have is so you’ll know what is Read more

Start Thinking About Spring Projects

A chimney technician, after inspecting your chimney in winter, may have already let you know that chimney repairs are needed. Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home with a fireplace. These are among the many scenarios in which scheduling a professional chimney inspection, chimney maintenance, or chimney repairs should be considered a top Read more

Spring Chimney Inspections & Cleanings

Blooming snowdrops are among the earliest signs of spring in New York, and the flowers have already made appearances throughout the state. With spring comes the tasks involved with spring cleaning, and it only makes sense to include chimneys. It has been a mild winter, but the usual winter conditions that wreak havoc on chimney Read more

We Fix Leaky Chimneys

Right about the time April showers are making way for May flowers, our qualified chimney technicians at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney go on more than the usual number of service calls for leaky chimneys. The worst thing about chimney leaks is that they tend to go undetected until the damage done is extensive. The best Read more