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Why Schedule a Chimney Inspection Before Fall

Warm summer days are trailing behind and winter is peeking around the corner. To prepare for the coming chill-down, schedule a chimney inspection before fall, you may have heard it said. But why? It’s not merely an annual commercial pitch by industry experts like our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney. Read on Read more

Keep Your Family Safe with These Fire Safety Tips

While most folks feel safest when at home, there is a real hidden danger that catches most people by surprise when it occurs – a house fire. In fact, house fires are more common than many homeowners realize. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a house fire occurs nearly every 90 seconds in Read more

Common Chimney Issues

With proper maintenance and care, your beautiful chimney and fireplace will provide decades of enjoyment in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Unfortunately, due to current economic conditions, some folks in Rochester, NY, skip their annual chimney inspection because their chimney appears in good condition. However, appearances can be deceiving, and many problems can go unnoticed Read more

The Four Most Common Summer Fireplace Myths

Having served the Buffalo-Rochester region since 1953, we know many summer fireplace myths are floating around, especially on the Internet. In this article, we peel back the layers to give you the truth based on our over fifty years of experience in the hearth industry. Maintaining your fireplace correctly in the summer will help minimize Read more

Chimney and Fireplace Care During the Summer

Now that summer is officially here; you’re probably planning your family outings like a trip to Niagara Falls, the shores of Lake Ontario, and other popular attractions. However, since they don’t get as much use in the summertime, you’re probably wondering what you should do with your chimney and fireplace. So before you pack and Read more

Common Summer Chimney Issues

After a long winter, many folks look forward to spending the summer enjoying Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and other outdoor recreation spots in the Greater Buffalo and Rochester area. Although you’re not using the fireplace or heating stove in the summer, your chimney is not out of the woods. Here are five common chimney issues Read more

Should You Use A Chimney Sealant?

Chimneys experience a wide variety of weather. The constant changes in temperature, pounding rains, and freeze and thaw cycles can age a chimney quicker than you’d like and make it more prone to deterioration. The question remains, could a chimney sealant make a difference? Most chimneys are made of brick and brick is a very Read more

Everything to Know About Masonry Chimney Repairs

On those blustery winter days, your brick or stone masonry chimney keeps your home and family safe while enjoying a warm and cozy fireplace experience. However, the frequent rain, snow, and ice that we experience in the Buffalo area can cause several problems: efflorescence, spalling bricks, chimney leaks, chimney crown cracks, and flue liner damage Read more

Here’s What You Should Know About Chimney Repair Costs

The problem with chimney damage is that they are progressive. So, the longer you wait, the more costly it will be to repair the chimney damage. Also, it is essential to remember that the chimney is attached to your home. It connects to the roofline with metal flashing that creates a watertight seal to prevent Read more

Why is Water Coming in Through My Chimney?

Here in Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York, we are accustomed to snowy winters and humid summers. However, moisture, whether it’s in the form of rain or condensation, can damage the fireplace and chimney. So, anytime you hear the sounds of dripping water in the chimney, notice water dripping or a puddle in the fireplace, Read more