If Bees Are In Your Chimney, Here's What You Need To Know
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How to Get Rid of Bees In Your Chimney

One of the familiar sounds of spring and summer is the low hum of bees in their hive working away. Its usually a welcome calming noise but perhaps it’s a little louder this year. Bees have been known to make hives in dead trees, sheds and in your case your chimney. When bees get inside their hive can become a chimney blockage sending dangerous carbon monoxide back into your home, not to mention the bees themselves. Don’t worry there is a solution. Here is how to get rid of bees in your chimney.

bees in the chimney, north buffalo nyThings You Should Know if You Have Bees in Your Chimney

Whether you are frightened of bees or not, they are an essential part of our environment. Without bees pollinating, we would not have fruit and some nuts and a food crisis. Every precaution should be taken to protect the bees prior to removal.

State Laws May Protect Bees

Because honeybees are a vital element in germination, so bees are most likely protected in your state.

To safely remove the bees, you must contact a chimney sweep, beekeeper or exterminator with the training and experience to move them to a safe location.

Bees Are a Potential Fire Hazzard

There is more at stake than an annoying buzz in your chimney if bees decide to build a hive there. Whether active or dormant, Beehives can lead to a fire in your chimney.

Bees are beneficial to us, but unfortunately, they can also be destructive. Bees produce both honey and beeswax, two very flammable substances. Put flammable materials in your chimney, and… you get the picture. When a fire breaks out inside your chimney, it can quickly spread and cause expensive damage to your home; if it doesn’t burn down.

While investigating your bee issues, it is crucial that you don’t light a fire in your fireplace because it could start a chimney fire. It could also cause the bees to panic; they believe that where there is smoke, there is fire as well. Lighting a fire and its smoke could cause the frightened bees to fly into your house, looking for someone to sting.

Bees Have Peak Activity in the Spring and Summer

Spring and summertime are when bees are most active. It doesn’t matter if they are bumblebees or honey bees; they colonize when it is mating or pollinating season.

Bees are efficient at colonizing, and if you see one bee, there are probably at least a hundred more you don’t see. You may not notice a bee infestation immediately; the first bee you notice in your home is just one of an entire hive inside your chimney.

expert chimney cleaning, amherst nyFelgemacher Masonry and Chimney Can Eliminate Bees and Other Blockages

At Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney, we have over sixty years of experience inspecting chimneys. We are also certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), so we have the qualifications to complement our long history. Find out why Buffalo and Rochester have trusted us to inspect their chimneys since 1953. Call us today, in Buffalo at 716-219-0718 or Rochester at 585-460-2073 or fill out our easy contact form. One of our chimney experts will be happy to answer any questions about chimney blockages and schedule one of our chimney-sweep crews to perform an inspection.