Why A Good, Working Damper Is Needed All Year Round
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Why A Good, Working Damper Is Needed Year Round

A fireplace damper plays a vital role in ensuring that you have a pleasant burning season. Similar to the front door of your home, your chimney damper regulates what gets in and what goes out of your chimney. It’s important to know how to use your damper to minimize smoke, drafts, and unwanted debris in your fireplace.

Olympia Chimney Supply Chimney Damper in Williamsville, NYWhat is a chimney damper?

A chimney damper is essentially a small door inside your fireplace that are typically towards the bottom of the chimney. Homeowners have control to open and close the damper for different effects, such as regulating air flow during a fire or keeping it closed when not burning a fire. Dampers are typically made of cast iron so it can stand the test of time.

During a fire, the damper should always be open to allow smoke, soot, and gases to easily escape your chimney. If a damper is closed during a fire, it’s recipe for smoke and toxic fumes to enter your home. An open damper allows for an updraft to efficiently lead smoke out of your chimney. On the other hand, when you aren’t having a fire, it’s important to close the damper to prevent cold air from entering your home.

What happens if a chimney damper becomes damaged?

Chimney dampers can get damaged for a number of reasons. For example, it can simply be due to age and rust, chimney leaks, or damage from a storm. Regardless of the cause, though, chimney dampers should be fixed as soon as possible. If a chimney becomes damaged, it can be stuck open or closed. Both of which can cause issues because different times require the damper to be open and closed.

Another misconception is that chimney upkeep is a seasonal task. But, when it comes to a damper, it’s important that the damper is functioning year round. In the summer months, the damper should be closed. This helps to keep cool air-conditioned air inside your home. Certain damper issues may prohibit this from happening and lead to cool air escaping from your home. Fixing this issue in the off season also ensures that your damper will be ready to go during the colder months when you burn fires in your fireplace. If you suspect that you have a damaged chimney damper, the best move is to schedule an inspection with our expert chimney team.

Top mount chimney dampers in Webster, NY

Even if they find that you don’t have an issue with damper, they’ll be able to determine what issues are present and come up with a plan to fix the problem. They’ll also likely scheduled an annual cleaning to ensure all chimney components are clean and free of debris.

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