How To Tell If You Need A Chimney Restoration
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How To Tell If You Need A Chimney Restoration

If you have a chimney at home, you may be familiar with the regular maintenance and upkeep it requires to keep it functioning as it should. Like anything, the more you use and enjoy it, the more frequently it will need attention. To keep your chimney in tip top shape, you may need to hire chimney professionals to perform upgrades, repair, and restoration efforts every now and then.

Chimney Restoration in Buffalo NYRestoration services come in different levels of severity. If your chimney is older, it may need some heavy updating and maybe even structural work. But even if your chimney is relatively new, it still may be in need of restoration, depending on how well you follow a maintenance and cleaning schedule or if a storm caused severe damage.

Not sure if you’re in need of chimney restoration services? Read on to learn more about common signs you’re in need of some repairs and the services our team at Felgemacher Fireplace can offer.

Top 5 Warning Signs You Need Chimney Restoration

  1. You see bricks or stones missing or deteriorating on your chimney
  2. You notice any standing water in your fireplace or water dripping around your chimney
  3. You can see deterioration of the mortar in between your bricks or stone
  4. Pests, debris, or water is finding ways into your fireplace and, potentially, home
  5. There are white stains or rust anywhere on your chimney

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the potential issues you may experience with your chimney, they are common signs that you’re experiencing issues. Water damage is the biggest culprit of many issues as they can lead to (or may have already led to) structural issues. No fear, though, there are several fixes that can get your chimney back to normal.

Masonry Repair

If you notice that there are broken or missing bricks or stones in your fireplace, you may need masonry repair. Our chimney professionals can spot fix areas or determine if the damage constitutes a full rebuild. There are also methods in which we install new mortar or cement to deteriorating areas. Regardless of how big or small the issue is, our team will determine the best plan for your situation to tackle water and structural issues.

Fix or Install New Parts

A potential easy fix could be damaged or missing chimney caps, liners, or crowns. If one or all of these aren’t functioning as they should, it can be the cause of pests, debris, and water finding it’s way into your home.

Chimney Rebuilding in Williamsville, NY

If you aren’t sure if any of these parts need attention, you can call our team to schedule a basic inspection to get started. From there, we can determine replacement or installation plans.

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