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What to Do After a Chimney Fire

Having a chimney fire can be a scary experience, especially when it requires a first-alarm fire response to extinguish the flames leaping out of the chimney, as was the case recently at home in Amherst, NY. In addition, the internal masonry and components are not built to withstand the intense temperatures of a chimney fire. Read more

What Kind of Fireplace Do You Have?

With our cold and snowy winter climate, fireplaces are still one of the most popular features buyers look for when purchasing a home in Amherst and throughout the Greater Buffalo and Rochester, NY, region. Now that you are settling into your beautiful home, you are probably wondering what kind of fireplace you have. Although there Read more

How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Chimney System

Frigid temperatures are the reason we love to sit near our fireplaces in the glow of crackling fires. But did you know that harsh winter weather can damage your chimney system, as well? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) sheds light on what occurs. The deterioration of chimney masonry and mortar joints is accelerated Read more

What Do I Do If My Chimney Is Blocked?

While your wood or gas-fueled fireplace, stove, or other heating appliance is warming your Cheektowaga, NY home in the spirit of the holidays, pollutants created during combustion rise the flue, exiting the chimney at the top of the stack. When the vent is blocked, these harmful contaminants can’t escape, resulting in a backdraft that forces Read more

How to Start Your Fireplace Safely

Whether you live near Lakes Erie or Ontario, the freezing weather in the Greater Buffalo-Rochester region has folks out shopping for firewood to burn in their fireplace or heating stove. However, novices and seasoned homeowners often need help lighting wood logs. So, if you want a trouble-free fire-burning experience that will impress your shivering family, Read more

Ways to Keep Your Fireplace Burning Longer

As Webster, NY, and Western New York weather turns colder, many folks are already lighting their wood-burning fireplace to keep their home warm and comfortable. When the fire burns out after a couple of hours, it’s a mad dash to grab more logs. So, if your fireplace is burning out too quickly for comfort, here are Read more

The Importance of Hiring the Right Chimney Sweep Company

Even though the industry’s lack of regulation has opened it up to scammers using ultra-low pricing as bait, a little research can help to ensure that the care of your fireplace is provided by qualified professionals. The importance of hiring the right chimney sweep is about far more than avoiding dealings with unscrupulous frauds, however. Read more

Spice Up Your Fireplace For Fall

Summer is finally coming to an end and temperatures are slowly cooling down. This means it’s time to swap sweltering days at the pool for cozy nights by your new wood burning fireplace insert. Adding some fun fall decor to your fireplace is a great way to celebrate the season and add a touch of Read more

How To Repair a Brick Chimney

Evidence of chimney problems may lead you to wonder how to repair a brick chimney. You might see unsightly chimney staining, deteriorating mortar, crumbling bricks, damage caused by a likely chimney leak, or any number of other potential chimney problems. The thing to do is to contact qualified chimney sweeps like those at Felgemacher Masonry Read more

Why Schedule a Chimney Inspection Before Fall

Warm summer days are trailing behind and winter is peeking around the corner. To prepare for the coming chill-down, schedule a chimney inspection before fall, you may have heard it said. But why? It’s not merely an annual commercial pitch by industry experts like our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney. Read on Read more