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Here’s What You Should Know About Chimney Repair Costs

The problem with chimney damage is that they are progressive. So, the longer you wait, the more costly it will be to repair the chimney damage. Also, it is essential to remember that the chimney is attached to your home. It connects to the roofline with metal flashing that creates a watertight seal to prevent Read more

Why is Water Coming in Through My Chimney?

Here in Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York, we are accustomed to snowy winters and humid summers. However, moisture, whether it’s in the form of rain or condensation, can damage the fireplace and chimney. So, anytime you hear the sounds of dripping water in the chimney, notice water dripping or a puddle in the fireplace, Read more

Common Fireplace Problems that Affect Its Functionality

Your chimney needs an ample supply of oxygen to maintain a productive fire in the fireplace. As it breathes in oxygen to fuel the fire, it must also effectively expel smoke and harmful gases from your home so you can use your fireplace safely. However, homeowners in Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York need to Read more

Should I Be Worried About Creosote Build-Up?

What Is Creosote? Wood is placed in the firebox and smoke and other by-products of combustion make their way up through the chimney flue and out of the chimney. The by-products of burned wood are of course unburned wood particles, gases, water vapor, tar fog, and various other chemicals. As the smoke rises it cools Read more

Can You Use A Chimney Without A Liner?

As one of the oldest cities in New York, there are older and historic homes in Rochester and throughout Western New York that predate modern building codes and are without a chimney liner. To this day, some of these older homes still have an unlined chimney. Today, however, many building codes require a chimney liner. Read more

Chimney Rebuilding vs. Chimney Repointing

The Western New York and Finger Lakes region winter weather can be harsh on masonry chimneys. The constant exposure to rain, snow, and ice can eventually cause bricks and mortar to crack, chip, flake, and crumble, exposing gaps in the mortar joints. As the chimney’s structural integrity declines, it is in danger of leaning or Read more

Common Causes of Chimney Moisture Damage

Unexpected home repairs can put a damper on the holidays! Downpours of sleet and snow at this time of year can be tough on your chimney and expose a leak. Damage caused by a leaky chimney can cost you thousands of dollars. However, catching a problem early can dramatically reduce the spread of water damage. Read more

Common Mistakes in Brick Chimney Restoration Projects

There are many ways that a chimney repair project can go wrong. Rebuilding a chimney requires extensive training and experience. We have been called in to fix chimney problems created by inexperienced masons throughout our years serving residents in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding region. Unfortunately, the work of an amateur mason can threaten the Read more

Reasons You Should Have A Chimney Cap Installed

Homeowners throughout the Buffalo-Rochester region should make sure their chimney has a cap. A chimney cap is a protective cover installed at the top of the chimney to prevent moisture, small animals, and debris from intruding and damaging the chimney that could lead to extensive repairs and other hazards when you least expect it. In Read more

What is a Damper? How Important is It?

Summer is on its way out! It won’t be long until we are bundling up against the cold and lighting up our fireplaces at night. The damper inside your fireplace is going to get a workout. It is a critical fireplace/chimney component. Opening the damper should always be the first step you take before building Read more