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Why Now Is The Best Time For Masonry Repairs 

Summer isn’t usually associated with a roaring fire unless it’s a bonfire, and your chimney is the furthest thing from your mind. Because of those reasons, now is the best time for masonry repairs. Your fireplace and chimney may have issues that you aren’t aware of and should be checked right now by a qualified chimney sweep. Let’s look at some reasons you should have your chimney inspected and repaired now.

quality masonry services in Ontario NYChimney Sweep Services Have Better Availability for Masonry Repairs

During the winter months, chimney sweeps are tied up with calls from homeowners looking to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected before lighting their first fires in early fall. It’s no wonder scheduling repairs or maintenance in the fall is challenging for chimney sweep services. Conversely, summer is typically the slow season for chimney sweeps. For most people, when winter is out of mind, so is their chimney. With fewer urgent calls, they have more availability in their schedules. You should take advantage of the summer weather, schedule appointments at your convenience, and get service when you want.

Summer Has Ideal Weather Conditions for Masonry Repair

Masonry repairs require favorable weather conditions to get the best results. Here’s why summer’s weather is perfect for masonry repairs:

  • Dry Weather- Masonry work involves the use of mortar, which requires time to set up correctly. Summer’s dry, warm weather provides the best conditions for masonry to cure. Precipitation can compromise the integrity of the mortar, leading to less dependable repairs.
  • Consistent Temperatures- Extreme temperature fluctuations can affect masonry’s ability to cure. Summer’s stable, warm temperatures help the materials set properly without the possibility of freezing or excessive heat causing fissures.
  • Longer Days- With more daylight hours in the summer, chimney sweeps can work longer days, ensuring that your repairs are completed efficiently, thoroughly, and quickly.

Preventative Maintenance and Your Masonry Chimney

Waiting until winter to address your chimney is to court disaster:

  • Increased Damage- With the freeze-thaw cycle in full effect in the winter, small cracks or damaged bricks can worsen over time. When water seeps into cracks in your chimney, freezing and expanding will cause severe damage.
  • Safety Issues- A compromised masonry chimney can be a serious safety risk. Loose bricks or deteriorating mortar can fall, potentially injuring a family member or pet and damaging property.
  • Reduced Efficiency- A damaged chimney can impact your fireplace’s or heating system’s productivity, causing them to work harder, leading to higher energy bills and a frigid home during the winter.

Peace of Mind from Masonry Repairs

By scheduling chimney repairs during the summer, you can ensure your chimney is in proper order before the icy winter months arrive. Taking a proactive approach means you won’t have to deal with emergency repairs in the middle of winter, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace worry-free.

professional Chimney services in Hilton NYA Final Thought

Summer is the perfect opportunity to undertake masonry repairs on your chimney. The combination of flexible scheduling and ideal weather conditions make it the best time of year to deal with any issues. Don’t put off until winter problems that could have been dealt with in the summer. 

Felgemacher Fireplace Shop Fireplace Knows Masonry Chimneys

Take advantage of the warmer weather and the off-season to avoid the rush of having your masonry chimney inspected and cleaned. If you live in the Buffalo area call 716-907-4914 or Rochester area call 585-308-4914 if you need your chimney cleaned, inspected, or repaired, call us. We will come to your home and, if we find any needed repairs, give you a written estimate and description before proceeding. We can swiftly and properly fix any issues with your chimney.