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The Role and Importance of Chimney Caps 

You will want to make sure that your chimney and fireplace are in tip-top shape. Now that the fire-burning season is well underway. The chimney is your source for exhaust, smoke, and fumes to escape. In your living room or den, you are kept warm by the glow and warmth of the fire from inside your fireplace. The chimney is not only for escaping but also for debris to enter. While you are enjoying the warmth of your fire, small animals are as well. They seek out areas to find shelter from the storm. A chimney cap will protect your house from fire as well as keep debris and small animals out.

professional chimney cap installations in North Buffalo NYFree From Debris

While you are enjoying the warmth of your home. Havoc may be occurring outside. As the wind blows debris such as leaves, and sticks may land in your chimney. Small animals are entering and finding shelter. A chimney cap would be a good idea to keep your chimney free from these objects. Preventing a blockage that can be costly to you. 


In the winter, rain, sleet, and snow plummet your home.  Your chimney, being in the middle of that storm. When water gets in your chimney, it can cause all kinds of havoc. A leaking chimney is nothing to laugh about. Moisture can bring on mold growth if not dried out. This is where a chimney cap will benefit you. A cap covers the flue keeping water and other elements away from the interior of your chimney. 


Did you ever start a fire, and you get a gust of air, full of smoke? This is from a downdraft from the opening of your chimney. You may also feel drafts of cool air causing the fireplace not to be as effective as it should be. By inserting a chimney cap, this can be avoided. The cap works as a cover so that those wind gusts stay away. 


When you are burning a fire, ash and sparks escape up your chimney. There is potential for a roof fire. Experts suggest a chimney cap to protect your home from any issues with sparks. The cap will protect your roof from any sparks flying out onto your roof. 

damaged chimney cap repairs in Williamsville, NYCall Flegermacher Masonry & Chimney

We at Felgemacher Rochester specialize in everything Chimney. Our experienced technicians would be happy to help you decide on a chimney cap for your home. Call us at 585-308-4914 we can make an appointment for you at your convenience.

We are your one-stop shop when it comes to anything with your fireplace or chimney. Since we started out building them, we know them from the inside out! We are a certified company with the National Fireplace Institute and the North American Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association. We recently renovated our office to include a showroom showcasing some of the gas products that we offer. Give us a call today to get an estimate on your fireplace.