A Chimney Cap Should Be Installed To Protect Your Chimney Flue
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Reasons You Should Have A Chimney Cap Installed

Homeowners throughout the Buffalo-Rochester region should make sure their chimney has a cap. A chimney cap is a protective cover installed at the top of the chimney to prevent moisture, small animals, and debris from intruding and damaging the chimney that could lead to extensive repairs and other hazards when you least expect it. In addition, chimney caps are very affordable and are available in many aesthetically pleasing styles and finishes. Five more great reasons you should have a chimney cap installed.

full-width chimney cap installation, north buffalo nyMoisture Intrusion

A chimney cap is like an umbrella for the flue. It helps keep the flue and fireplace dry when it rains or snows while allowing smoke and fumes to escape. Preventing moisture intrusion is essential because water is the mortal enemy of masonry chimneys. In addition, it accelerates the deterioration of the brick and mortar and other components that lead to extensive chimney repairs and ultimately destabilize the structure.

Birds and Small Animals

Buffalo’s spectacular location near Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario is a unique ecological environment. The area is designated as a Globally Significant Important Bird Area (IBA) by the National Audubon Society for the abundance of wildlife and bird species that flock here throughout the year. As birds and other small animals are looking for a place to rest away from predators, a chimney cap with a wire-mesh screen will keep them from becoming uninvited guests in your chimney. Once inside the chimney, bats, owls, and other critters can make their way into your home.

Flue Obstructions

A chimney cap is also essential for preventing leaves, twigs, and debris that blow across your roof from obstructing the flue vent. A flue obstruction can be dangerous. When the harmful gases cannot exit the flue, it can cause a hazardous backdraft that pushes smoke, carbon monoxide, and hot debris into your living area. A chimney cap that has a spark arrestor also minimizes the risk of fire. It prevents those sparks and burning embers in the flue from landing on the roof and sparking a fire.


Strong winds and thunderstorms can impact the Buffalo-Rochester region at any time. Without a chimney cap, a sudden burst of wind that happens to blow over your chimney can cause a severe downdraft that forces smoke, soot, and debris out of the fireplace into your living room. In addition to significantly reducing indoor air quality, cleaning up sooty residue in the fireplace beyond the usual ash remnants will be a real chore. Also, the inhalation of smoke and fumes can be harmful to you and your pets.

Fireplace Damper

Preventing rain and snow from leaking into the chimney can cause the fireplace damper to corrode, or rust is another great reason to install a chimney cap. When closed, the damper’s airtight seal keeps your home warmer, so the heated air doesn’t get drawn back into the firebox. It will also prolong the damper’s useful lifespan and reduce repairs.

installing a full-width chimney cap, amhurst nyChimney Cap Installation

It’s essential to have the right size cap to fit your chimney. Therefore, a chimney cap should be installed by certified chimney professionals like Felgemacher Chimney and Masonry. We serve Amherst, Lancaster, and communities throughout Greater Buffalo and Rochester, New York.