How To Repair Your Chimney Crown
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How To Repair A Chimney Crown

Here in Rochester, we get a lot of rain and snow. It can put a lot of stress on your chimney crown, especially when snow accumulates on top of your chimney. When the crown has cracks or other damage, water can seep into your chimney and cause extensive damage to the interior masonry walls and other vital components. So, if you suspect damage to the crown, contact a qualified chimney professional to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. The technician will determine the best solution to repair the chimney crown.

Chimney crown rebuilding in North Buffalo NYWhat is a Chimney Crown?

A chimney crown is a slab of concrete, stone, or metal placed at the top of a chimney. It helps protect the chimney from water damage by sloping away from it and directing water runoff to the roof. The crown also helps to prevent moisture from seeping into the chimney and causing damage to the masonry and flue liner.

Signs Your Crown Needs Repair or Rebuilding

There are a few signs that your chimney crown may need repair or rebuilding:

  • You spot water damage to the chimney or roof.
  • There are cracks or gaps in the crown.
  • You can see loose or missing mortar.
  • Water pooling on the surface.
  • Evidence of rust or corrosion.

Two Types of Crown Repair

There are two main types of chimney crown repair: sealing and rebuilding. The kind of repair necessary depends on the extent of the damage.

Chimney Crown Sealant: Chimney crown sealant is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to repair a damaged crown. Following the manufacturer’s directions, apply the sealant with a brush or roller. It is crucial to choose a sealant specifically designed for chimney crowns. Some liquid sealants also contain waterproofing agents that can help shield the crown from future water damage.

Rebuilding the Crown: Rebuilding the chimney crown is a more extensive repair, but it is necessary if it is severely damaged. It involves removing part or the entire crown and rebuilding it. The new crown should be of a durable material, such as concrete. It is also vital to ensure it is sloped, with an overhang or drip edge, to deflect water away from the masonry. Since chimney crown repair and rebuilding require extensive knowledge of the chimney system, industry standards, and building codes, repairs should only be performed by a Certified Chimney Professional®.

Can I Repair Crown Damage Myself

It’s essential to assess the extent of damage before attempting a DIY repair on your chimney crown. If the damage is minor, like a few cracks or gaps, you can fix it with chimney crown sealant. Popular options include ChimneyRX and ChimneySaver®, which are brushable sealants. However, it’s best to seek professional repair for more severe damage like a large crack or missing mortar or concrete. Since crown repairs require climbing up a ladder, we recommend always consulting with a qualified chimney professional BEFORE making any DIY repairs to prevent injury or further damage to the chimney, crown, and your home.

Chimney crown Repairs in Williamsville, NYHomeowner’s Insurance for Chimney Crown Repair

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover repairs to your chimney crown. Please get in touch with us to schedule an inspection. We accept most insurance claims.

North Buffalo Chimney Crown Repair

Inspecting any signs of chimney crown damage promptly is vital to avoid water damage to your chimney, venting system, and attached heating appliances. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney’s Certified Chimney Professionals offer comprehensive crown inspection, repair, and rebuilding services. Please call 716-907-4914 in Buffalo or 585-308-4914 in Rochester to schedule a chimney inspection or estimate. You can also contact us online.