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How To Repair a Brick Chimney

Evidence of chimney problems may lead you to wonder how to repair a brick chimney. You might see unsightly chimney staining, deteriorating mortar, crumbling bricks, damage caused by a likely chimney leak, or any number of other potential chimney problems. The thing to do is to contact qualified chimney sweeps like those at Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney. Our well-qualified and experienced chimney technicians can evaluate the condition of your chimney and provide needed repairs. Similar to the reason we bring our vehicles to mechanics, knowing how to repair a brick chimney involves a certain amount of training and experience. More follows on some of the common reasons brick chimneys need repair.

Mortar Repair, Buffalo NYDeteriorating Mortar

Bricks are held together by mortar, though mortar is far less durable. When mortar begins to crumble and break off, the chimney system becomes vulnerable to moisture intrusion. You can usually avoid the cost of a chimney rebuild by scheduling a procedure called “tuckpointing.” The trick is that the procedure must be performed before moisture damage occurs. Basically, tuckpointing is a process in which crumbling mortar is scraped out and then replaced by fresh mortar. There are various elements to the process that require the skills of a chimney sweep who also has the right equipment and training.

Cracked Bricks

Chimney bricks develop cracks for various reasons, including thermal expansion and issues with a house settling on its foundation. When bricks in the chimney develop hairline cracks, a masonry sealant is sometimes sufficient, as opposed to a partial masonry rebuild. Reliable chimney sweeps trained on how to repair a brick chimney know how to determine the difference.

Deteriorating Bricks

When bricks have been severely damaged by moisture, it becomes necessary to remove and replace them. Partial and complete chimney rebuilds are needed, oftentimes, to correct a leaning chimney and avoid total collapse. It is also possible to replace a single brick that has deteriorated due to moisture intrusion. Fixing deteriorating bricks and the flashing issues mentioned below are certainly instances requiring skill and knowledge on how to repair a brick chimney. Certified chimney sweeps with masonry experience possess the knowledge to address these chimney issues plus any others that might arise.

Bricks and Mortar Around Flashing

Flashing is the metal portion of chimneys that is meant as a watertight seal between the roof and chimney. It is not uncommon for water damage to occur around step flashing. This is partly because proper installation of flashing is difficult to achieve. Bricks and/or mortar often need repair or replacement around metal chimney flashing.

Chimney Crown Repair, North Buffalo NYA Cracked Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the white portion at the top of masonry chimneys, and it is prone to crack and deteriorate. The chimney crown is one of the chief components involved with keeping destructive moisture out of the chimney system. If damage is caught early enough, cracks can be patched. It is not unusual for a chimney crown rebuild to become necessary. This is partly because chimney crowns are rarely constructed with the correct materials. It’s helpful to realize that bricklayers who are unaware of the need to use proper materials for building chimney crowns don’t know how to repair a brick chimney correctly, either.

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Equipped with the best training and experience, the chimney sweeps at Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney know how to repair a brick chimney and much more. To schedule dependable chimney maintenance services for the Rochester and Greater Buffalo NY area, contact us at Felgemacher. Book an appointment with us for chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, brick chimney repair, chimney leak repair, fireplace installation, and much more. Contact us by using our online form or calling us at (716) 907-4914 or (585) 308-4914 today.