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Gas or Wood Fireplaces – Which Ignites Your Style? 

Having a fireplace in your home adds beauty. It can also add ambiance and a source of heat. A fireplace has been a focal point of a home for centuries. These days we have options as to which type of fireplace best suits your lifestyle.

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When deciding to purchase a fireplace or a home with a fireplace, you may want to think about some things. You have many options.

Gas vs Wood Burning

It is important to do your research before investing in a fireplace. Our technicians at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop are here to help you. Visit us in Buffalo or Rochester, New York.


A gas fireplace would be a great choice if you are looking for a safe option. With a wood burning fireplace, embers can pop out of the fireplace. This can ruin the floor or furniture nearby. If you have pets or small children, this may be a concern to you as well.


A wood-burning fire can produce very hot temperatures. Unfortunately, the majority of that heat goes up the chimney. The efficiency rating in a wood-burning fireplace is approximately 30-50%, it can be as low as 25%. 

In comparison, a gas fireplace runs at an efficiency rate of 75%- 99%. This depends on the type of appliance you choose. 

Another gas option is a ventless gas fireplace. With a ventless gas fireplace, there is no external ventilation, so there is no heat that escapes. This is the most efficient at 99%.

Ease In Usage

With a gas fireplace, all you have to do is turn a switch.  Sit back and enjoy. But a wood-burning fire needs you to have a firestarter, kindling, as well as split logs. A wood-burning fireplace needs to be tended to throughout the burning time. 

Wood Storage

As assumed, a gas fireplace needs no additional space for storage. With a wood-burning fireplace, you will want to have space indoors as well as outdoors to store your wood. With the need to burn well-cured wood, it is important to keep your outdoor storage dry. So, it is important to have space outdoors to season your stockpile. 

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An annual chimney inspection and sweep is recommended on a wood-burning fireplace. Periodic masonry maintenance will be needed as the chimney ages. A gas fireplace will need annual cleanings and inspections as well. There is minimal maintenance.

Call Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney

Since there are many options to choose from, call Felgemacher in Buffalo at 716-907-4914 or in Rochester at 585-308-4914. Our expert technicians will be able to guide you about which fireplace is best for you. 

A clean chimney is a safe chimney, and we’ll keep yours as safe and efficient as it can be. Our owners are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America – a stringent industry certification held by only the best sweeps in the U.S. We remove flammable creosote from chimney flues, reducing the chance of a chimney fire. We also remove debris and obstructions that could hamper the drafting of smoke and carbon monoxide.